Abyssinian Cat Features and Care

Abyssinian Appearance

The Abyssinian cat is a slender, medium-sized cat.  Its head is moderately triangular, there is a slight break towards the tip of its nose, and when the nose and chin are viewed in profile, we can observe that an ideally straight vertical line is formed. They have pointed and relatively large ears compared to other breeds. Its eyes are almond shaped. Abyssinian cats can have several eye colors. The most common eye colors are gold, green, hazel, copper.

Its legs are slender and strong. Its oval paw structure and strong claws are in proportion to its graceful body. The tail structure is long and pointed in accordance with its body.

It has evolved to be able to hunt comfortably in the African region.

Abyssinian Appearance

Hair Structure of Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian kittens, also known as abyssinian kittens, mature in a few months. As they mature, their colors gradually lighten. Hair is short, dense and silky. The back of the legs and the top of the claws of this breed are noticeably darker than the fur. The feathers on the chin are generally white, but remain minimal. It has a red, brown-based color. The coat color of the Abyssinian is similar to cinnamon. There are also silver-colored ones in England. 

Characteristics of the Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat is a highly intelligent, social, playful breed. It needs constant activity and attention. If the owner is not interested, it is possible that they will get stressed and experience a state of depression. They are also called “clowns of the cat kingdom” because of their curiosity and interest in playing. They don’t make a lot of noise, they show their interest through contact. 

The lifespan of the Abyssinian cat can be up to 20 years if well cared for. Under normal conditions, they live between 10-15 years. Male Abyssinian cats can reach 5kg body weight. The female Abyssinian cat is seen up to 4-4.5 kg. Since they are very active, they do not easily experience obesity problems.

Abyssinian cats choose their sleeping place carefully, and comfort is essential for their general stress. If you’ve decided on an Abyssinian cat, you’ll need a comfortable  cat bed. you will need.

If you try to train this furry friend, it will be a disappointment. With his intelligent nature, we can say that he can do what his owner says, if he wants to. But if you expect him to behave like a dog this is impossible as with many cat breeds.

Relationship of Abyssinian Cat with Children and Other Pets

They are loving and friendly to people. If you buy this fluffy Abyssinian cat when it is a kitten, it will become more attached to your family and if you have other pets, it will be easy for you to get used to them.

If you have decided to keep the Abyssinian cat breed in your home, it can be said that you made the right choice. It gets along very well with children and other pets. Besides being so affectionate towards his family, he is a good hunter. If it comes across, it can catch insects in the house and bring it in front of you and leave it. With the Abyssinian cat being playful and active, you will need many cat toys.

Health situation

The health of the Abyssinian cat is generally considered good. But they may be genetically prone to gingivitis. Kidney disorders can also be seen due to a mutation in the gene. 

Abyssinian Cat Care

This breed is among the easiest cats to care for. Being short-haired is an important advantage for you not to have too many hair problems. When taking care of an Abyssinian cat, it will be sufficient to comb its hair once a week. It is important for your household items to do nail care every 10-12 days. The claws of the Abyssinian cat are quite strong and hard. The ear structure is large and pointed. Therefore, you should not do ear care yourself. You should have your sensitive ears done by your veterinarian once a month.