American Bobtail Characteristics and Care

American Bobtail cats, which are likened to dogs with their behavior, are very attached and docile animals to their owners. They have also become the favorite of dog lovers because they are trainable, can establish very good relationships with other animal breeds and people, and love to walk on a leash. American Bobtail cats, which are a type of cat that will not get off your lap by giving their fluffy look to the end , attract attention with their short tails. These cats, which have a tail of one third of the average cat’s tail as a result of mutation, are ideal creatures to live in a calm and peaceful environment with their good nature. They were discovered in America. They have recently been accepted all over the world as a separate cat breed.

American Bobtail Characteristics and Care

Characteristics of the American Bobtail Cat

  • Their homeland is America.
  • They have a much shorter tail than the average cat.
  • They can be in many different colors.
  • Their heads are slightly larger than their bodies.
  • Their ears are wide and erect.
  • Their legs are short and their bodies are long.
  • They are large cats.
  • They have long and fluffy hairs.
  • They are very fond of their owners and the people they live with.
  • They recognize and respond to attention being paid to them. They tend to understand people’s feelings.
  • They are friendly and warm animals.
  • It is one of the rare cat breeds that can walk with a leash.
  • They don’t meow too much.
  • The most important features that distinguish it from other cats should be trainable.
  • It easily adapts to the living creatures and environment it lives with.
  • They are very clever.
  • They are quite docile and calm.
  • Although they are calm, they are agile, active and playful cat types.
  • They communicate warmly and easily with other animals and children.
  • Males are heavier than females and have a more muscular body.
  • Their development is slow. They are considered fully developed 3 years after birth.
  • Their digestive systems are sensitive, other than that they are very hardy cats.
  • Their average lifespan is 15 years. With good care, this number can go up to 20 years.

Caring for the American Bobtail Cat

Although they are long-haired, they do not cause you much trouble as they clean themselves very well. However, if you do not want his fur to become tangled and lumpy, you should brush him twice a week . Because they are meticulous cats, they do not need a bath. Their emphasis on cleanliness also means keeping their sand and food clean at all times. Apart from the sensitivity of their intestines and kidneys, they are very durable animals, they do not get sick easily. To protect your intestines and kidneys, quality dry food and clean water will do your job. The only problem with American Bobtail cats is that they are completely tailless. Those born completely tailless may have spinal problems.

As in all other breeds, ear and tooth cleaning is important in American Bobtails and this cleaning should be done regularly. It should be noted that cats’ eyes are sensitive. Therefore, you need to pay attention to eye burrs.

They adapt very well to their owners and the environment they live in, thanks to their intelligence and patient nature. Unlike other cats, they are not very timid as they are warm animals. That’s why they like you to walk them and go out, they are not afraid to be outside the house. After reaching adulthood, you can walk your American Bobtail cat on the street by wearing a cat collar as if you had a dog . You will find that she easily takes your instructions, as she is a cat breed that tends to be trained. These different cats, which should not be left alone because they are very attached to their owners, require less care than their own kind. With quality food, clean water and adequate care, you can extend the life of American Bobtail cats and offer them a healthy and peaceful life.