American Wirehair Characteristics and Care

American Wirehair cats are a new breed of cat that emerged in 1966 as a result of natural mutation. Accepted as a cat breed in its own right in 1978, American Wirehair cats are extremely cute creatures with their soft, dense fur and wide faces. American Wirehair cats are thought to be the ancestors of American Shortairs. There are also physical similarities between these two cat breeds. American Wirehair cats also have a round face like American Shortairs. In addition, the character traits of these cats are parallel to the Shortairs. American Wirehairs, which are very adaptable and docile animals, distinguish them from other cat breeds, as they are very gluttonous.


General Characteristics of the American Wirehair  Cat

  • The United States is the homeland of this cat breed.
  • It is a medium-sized cat breed. Their weight ranges from 6 to 8 kilograms.
  • Their feathers are usually three colors.
  • They are active and playful cats.
  • When their very carefulness and their attacking nature are combined, a good hunter has emerged.
  • They quickly adapt to their environment.
  • They are very adoptive of their nests and owners. 
  • They are sensitive animals. When they do not receive enough attention and love from their owners, they can become depressed.
  • They are timid cats. For this reason, they have difficulty living in the same environment with other pets. But they do not pose a danger to any living thing.
  • They are not aggressive.
  • They are quiet cats, they do not meow much.
  • They are gentle creatures. They treat their playmates kindly.
  • They are more prone to gain weight because they have a high appetite.
  • Their immune systems are strong.
  • They have a life expectancy of up to 15 years.

American Wirehair Cat Care

American Wirehair cats are playful, active and quickly adapting to the environment. Therefore, living with him is both fun and enjoyable. These cats, which are quickly attached to their owners, actually get along very well with other pets and people due to their harmonious nature, but due to their naive nature, they are timid animals and are a little hesitant to socialize. Since they are not belligerent and aggressive, they are not very adept at defending themselves. Therefore, American Wirehair cats can live peacefully in the same house with cats of their own kind.

These cats are affectionate with their owners and love to receive attention from them. But because they are sensitive animals, not getting enough love is a problem. The point that makes the care of American Wirehair cats with high expectation a little more difficult is their feeding habits. They are very voracious creatures and do not distinguish much food. Gluttony leaves these cats vulnerable to obesity and many more. The food of American Wirehair cats should be given in moderation and these cats should be kept away from food other than food.

American Wirehair cats with thick hair are difficult to bathe. Because it is not easy for water to pass through their dense feathers. But the most difficult part of the bathroom is rinsing and drying. Cat shampoos may not be distributed evenly in thick-haired cats and may harm your cat if not rinsed well. If your cat’s hair is dense and layered as in American Wirehair cats, it would be appropriate to choose dry cat shampoos for him .