America’s Cheetah: The American Keuda Cat

The American Keuda cat, which can run fast like a cheetah thanks to its flexible legs, was discovered in the 1980s. Some breeds of these agile cats, whose homeland is South America, are like miniature cheetahs with their striped patterns, apart from being very agile. American Keuda cats, who need intense exercise, love water and are good swimmers. Known for their loyalty to their owners, these cats are very resistant to diseases. It is important to keep them warm, as they have a fine fur structure. Other than that, it is not difficult to maintain. Due to their durability, they will not leave you alone for many years.   

America Cheetah The American Keuda Cat

General Features of the American Keuda Cat

  • Their homeland is South America.
  • Thanks to its flexible legs, it can run, climb and jump high like a cheetah.
  • They are medium sized cats.
  • They weigh about 5 kilograms.
  • They are very active cats and love to run and play in large areas.
  • The fur of these cats can be any color. Striped American Keudas resemble cheetah cubs. The most popular type is the striped ones.
  • They like warm environments because their fur is thin.
  • Hair is short and soft.
  • Its eyes are almond shaped.
  • The tips of its ears are pointed.
  • They have a thin body structure.
  • Despite being freedom-loving cats, they are very attached to their owners.
  • They are very intelligent cats but are not open to training as they like to feel free and cannot stand still.
  • They can become jealous of their owners and be aggressive towards people they have just met.
  • They are very active and playful. They can turn any object in their living space into a toy.
  • They like water, they are good with swimming.
  • They are very resistant to diseases.
  • With good care, they have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

American Keuda Cat Care

Because American Keuda cats are so agile and fast animals, they look for areas to climb and run. For this reason, if you want to adopt them, you should have a large house where they can exercise a lot, and you should buy cat houses that are specially produced for cats and allow them to climb. Thus, your cat, who is constantly on the move, will be able to release his energy easily. Especially if you have a large and multi-storey house and you are looking for a cute friend running around the house, American Keudas are just for you.

American Keudas are very attached to their owners when adopted as puppies. They form a very close relationship with you when you show them your care and love in moderation. This attachment can even lead to jealousy of you from other people and animals.

They need warm areas as they come from a hot region like South America. One reason for this is that their fur is not thick.

It is not recommended to have an aquarium in the house where American Keuda cats, who are not afraid of water and even like swimming, live. Because these cats love to play with water, they will haunt the aquarium and threaten your aquarium creatures.

Since they are very hardy animals, they do not get sick much. Because of their fur, brushing them once a week will suffice. In addition to these factors, it is not a difficult type of cat to care for, as they are not interested in attention.