Australian Mist Cat Characteristics and Care

Australian Mist cats, which are a hybrid of Burmese and Abyssinian cats and carry the genes of many other cat species, are named after the country where they originated. These cute creatures originating from Australia were recognized all over the world as a cat breed in 2011. Australian Mists, also known as Spotred Mist cats , have won degrees in many different competitions. These cats, which are ideal house cats, are very docile and affectionate due to their character structure. While they make people admire cats with their close bonds with their owners, their resistance to diseases and their harmonious nature, they can also form close friendships with other living things.

Australian Mist Cat Characteristics and Care

Australian Mist Cat General Characteristics

  • Their homeland is Australia.
  • It is a medium-sized cat breed. Male Australian Mist cats are more muscular and larger than females.
  • They can weigh from 5 kilograms to 7 kilograms.
  • They have many different colors of plumage, but gray tones are most popular. Australian Mists are available in mottled, light striped or solid colours.
  • They have medium length and dense hair.
  • Their ears are small compared to their bodies.
  • Their eyes are large, round and usually green in color.
  • Their bodies are quite muscular and strong.
  • Their hind legs are longer than their front legs. This makes it more athletic and agile.
  • Although they are usually calm, they like to play.
  • They are docile and friendly animals.
  • He establishes a comfortable relationship with other animals. It is not offensive.
  • They form close relationships with people. They like to sleep on their owners’ laps and are very attached to them. 
  • They are not easy to train, but they do not misbehave as they are not very active except playing games. With their adaptable nature added to this, they hardly need to be trained.
  • He is not known to have any inherited disorders.
  • They are disease resistant cats. Their teeth are their only sensitive point.
  • When taken care of very well, they have a lifespan of about 20 years.

Australian Mist Cat Care

Australian Mist cats, who like to establish close and warm relationships with people, communicate well not only with their owners, but also with the guests who come to the house. These cats, who are very attached to the people they live in the same house, do not like to be alone. Always wanting their owners by their side, Australian Mists love to be noticed and loved. Although they may seem like calm house cats, they are very playful creatures and are always looking for games when they are awake during the day. The desire to play games is mostly to make their communication with their owners continuous and to keep the attention on them. Australian Mist cats, who do not spare their love from you, also want in return. If you can’t spare much time for it, we recommend that you don’t own it. Because Australian Mists who don’t get enough attention can get stressed and get sick.

Australian Mist cats need to be brushed twice a week with a cat toothbrush because they have medium length and dense hair. Brushing will both positively affect his skin health and ensure that he does not swallow more hair while being cleaned. At the same time, taking special care of him makes him feel safe and creates a stronger bond with you.

In addition to these sweet character traits, Australian Mist cats are also known for their resistance to diseases. These cats, which are not prone to any hereditary diseases, are not easily disturbed. Their only weak spot is their teeth. This problem can be minimized by brushing your teeth. With good care, regular vaccinations and lots of attention, you can keep your Australian Mist cat alive for nearly 20 years.