Burmese Characteristics and Care

Burmese Cat, known as the temple cat, Burma; that is of Myanmar origin. These animals, known as “Holy cats” residing in Buddhist temples, have a magical beauty. Burmese cats, believed by Buddhist monks to be able to converse with the gods of death, became known in Europe as the monks accompanied them on their journeys. These cats, which spread to the world with the gifts of Burmese diplomats to Europe, have become very popular today. Burmese cats, which usually have glass-blue eyes, also attract attention with their long, dense hair. Burmese cats, which reveal their differences from other cat breeds with their emotional structure, devotion and energy to their owner, are also very talkative cats. Who likes sound and movement in their homes,

Burmese Characteristics and Care

Burmese Cat General Characteristics

  • They are cats originating from Maynmar (Burma or Burmese).
  • Adult Burmese cats weigh an average of 4.5 – 5 kilograms.
  • Their hair is long, dense and fluffy. Feather color usually includes cream and its shades. The feathers become more dense in the neck area and wrap around the neck like a crown.
  • Usually their eyes are blue and large.
  • Although they are docile, they are energetic cats.
  • They are very curious and intelligent animals.
  • They have a tendency to constantly talk and meow. The tones are very soft.
  • Although they are not very open to training, they do not easily do something that will upset their owners. Due to their active nature, they can make mischief from time to time.
  • They are social cats. They don’t like to be alone at all.
  • They are cats sensitive to human emotions. They can empathize with people more than other cat breeds.
  • They are not afraid of water, they like to take a bath.
  • Their lifespan is between 12 and 15 years.

Burmese Cat Care

The Burmese cat, which is a complete house cat, is an ideal companion, especially for those who do not like silence at home and those who live alone. He is in constant conversation with his owner. It can sleep on its owner’s lap for hours. As can be seen from these characteristics, they love to receive attention and love. For this reason, they are never suitable for those who spend little time at home. Since they are very social creatures, they never like to be alone because they want to be in constant communication with you. They establish very good friendships not only with the residents of the house, but also with the guests. Being docile and harmonious animals, Birmans are curious and playful cats. They love to play with their owners. Birmans, who also get along well with other households and children, are also ideal for family homes.

Burmese cats, which fascinate people with their beauty, are not easy to care for. Burmese, who demand a lot of attention, expect you to have a special time for them. In addition to this expectation, the fact that they have long and dense hair can also challenge you in terms of hair care. If you don’t brush their fur almost every day, their fur can become tangled and lumpy. This not only causes skin diseases, but also makes your cat extremely uncomfortable. Also, the fact that they shed their feathers in the spring means you need to clean them more often.

As a requirement of being active cats, Burmese cats do not gain much weight because they always play and run when they do not sleep and spend time with their owners. This protects them against heart disease. Paying attention to what they eat, cleaning their eyes and taking care of their feathers are the factors that prolong their lifespan. Apart from their sensitive eyes and stomach, Burmese cats are hardy animals.