California Spangled Cat Breed Traits and Care

The California Spangled cat, which looks like a tiny wild cat with its wonderfully patterned fur, is very energetic and playful. These cats, whose movements and athleticism evoke their wild ancestors like their fur, are members of a hybrid breed. The California Spangled cat breed is inspired by African leopards. Studies to create a leopard-like domestic cat have resulted in the California Spangled cats. Among the ancestors of this cat breed are Siamese and Ankara cats and the British Shorthair cat breed. This breed, which was introduced to the world in 1986, is rare because it is a production and therefore very valuable. But he has other features that make him even more valuable, such as his high sense of loyalty and sharp wit.


California Spangled Cat Breed General Characteristics

  • They are cats bred in Africa.
  • It is not a natural cat breed. It is obtained by crossing Siamese cat, Angora cat and British Shorthair cat.
  • They have an average cat size other than their large head. They weigh between 5 and 7 kilograms, and female California Spangled cats are slightly lighter than males.
  • Their short and soft hair is patterned like wild cats. These patterned feathers usually include brown, gray and caramel colors.
  • Eye colors are mostly green and amber.
  • Their front legs are shorter than their hind legs. This feature allows them to move quickly and climb high places with ease.
  • They are athletic and strong cats.
  • They are very playful and energetic creatures.
  • They are very successful hunters.
  • They are extremely intelligent animals. But due to their free nature and stubborn character, they are difficult to train.
  • They are not aggressive cats.
  • The most interesting feature is that they act to protect their owners.
  • They are not difficult to maintain.
  • Being hybrid and human-made has made them more durable than purebred cat breeds. They have no known hereditary diseases and are generally in good health. However, especially after the sterilization operation, the tendency to gain weight increases.
  • With good care, their lifespan can be increased to over 15 years.

California Spangled Cat Breed Care

Inspired by wild cats, California Spangled cats are always on the move like wild cats. They are playful and energetic, as well as their vast abilities in climbing, which has included them in the category of mischievous cats. Turning every object and item they find in the house into toys makes maintenance a bit difficult, while climbing over the cabinets can both make their owners laugh and worry. You need to be very energetic to adopt these agile cats who are always after the game. Because California Spangled will want to play action games with you. It is possible to make these very intelligent cats happy with cat toys .

Apart from their appearance, California Spangled cats are similar to wild cats in their behavior to protect their owners. These non-aggressive cats can be surprisingly sensitive and protective of their owners. Like a dog, California Spangleds are very loyal to the people they see as family and want to keep them out of danger. These cats, who do their best to attract the attention of their owners and not to leave them, are more inclined to live in a large house. Even houses with gardens are suitable for them. Because it is an ideal life routine for them to throw their energies in the garden and come home to sleep and listen.

California Spangled cats can share a home with other cat breeds and dogs when socialized as kittens. But they are also likely to envy their owners from these pets. Considering their hunting abilities, these cats’ housemates cannot be small creatures such as fish, birds, hamsters.