Chartreux Cat Features and Care

The Chartreux cat, which draws attention with its smokey color, soft fur and dark orange big eyes, cannot fully pay off this attention even though it is exposed to a lot of attention thanks to its cuteness and different physical features. Chartreux cats, being cautious cats, are wary of people and other creatures they do not know. Therefore, they are not very social cats. Although they are not very friendly, Chartreux Cats are also very gentle creatures, which are very attached to their owners and their habitats. The Chartreux Cat, a very old cat breed, originated in France. These cats, whose hunting skills were used in the 18th century, became the favorite of the French palaces. These intelligent and sensitive cats are still among the most popular cats in the world.

Chartreux Cat General Characteristics

  • Their homeland is France.
  • The plumage is smoky gray close to blue.
  • They are short-haired cats. Their dense hairs allow them to have a thick coat.
  • Its eyes are dark orange.
  • Their tails are short.
  • Their bodies are strong and muscular.
  • They are excellent hunters.
  • They like action games very much.
  • They are quiet cats, they do not meow much.
  • They are very attached to their owners, but they like to be alone from time to time during the day. 
  • These cats, which can establish a very good communication and close bond with the people they live in the same house, are very cautious towards strangers.
  • They are not aggressive creatures. They are adaptable and docile animals.
  • They are smart cats. They are sensitive to human emotions.
  • They have a hereditary predisposition to heart diseases and joint disorders. They are also prone to weight gain and obesity.
  • Average life expectancy is 15 years.

Chartreux Cat Care

Chartreux cats are not very warm-blooded creatures. They establish very close relationships with the people they share the same home with, but they are wary of any living thing they do not know. When they are over them, they show a tendency to run away. These non-aggressive cats prefer to run away and hide instead of displaying aggressive behavior when guests come to the house or are overwhelmed by attention.

Thanks to their intelligence and empathy abilities, they are sensitive to the feelings of their owners and understand that they are sad and happy. Chartreux cats, who enjoy being with their owners, love to sleep next to or on the lap of the person they have the best bond with. But sometimes you can’t find it inside the house. This is because Chartreux cats need to be alone. From time to time during the day, they prefer to stay away from everyone to sleep peacefully and hide in a place where you cannot find them.

Chartreux cats are not recommended to be bathed, as with other thick-haired cats, due to their delayed drying. Because it is very difficult to wash and dry their feathers. Even if you wash these cats, the water cannot penetrate their skin because their fur is too thick and too dense. Therefore, it does not make much sense to wash them, because Chartreux cats clean themselves by licking. Since they are short-haired, brushing them once a week will suffice.