Chausie Cat Breed Traits and Care

Resembling a wild cat with its large ears, short fur and sturdy body, the Chausie is a new cat breed that was accepted as a separate breed in 1995. There are different opinions on the origins of the Chausie cats. According to one view, the ancestors of these cats were the local cats of France and the Reeds cat, a wild cat. Another statement is that the Chausie cats emerged from the crossing of many different breeds of domestic cats and wild forest cats. Abyssinian cats are also mentioned in the discussion of the origin of these cats. Because the Chausie cat is physically similar to the Abyssinian cats. Despite their wild origins, they are known to be affectionate. They are very healthy and intelligent animals.


General Characteristics of the Chausie Cat Breed

  • These cats, which have their origins in Egypt, are bred in the United States and France.
  • Their ancestors are wild cats and different domestic cat breeds.
  • They are among the large cat breeds. Like wild cats, they have long legs and a large, strong body. While males can weigh up to 14 kilograms, this number is limited to 10 kilograms in female Chausie cats. The length of the males is 50 centimeters, and the females are up to 40 centimeters.
  • Their ears are erect, large and circular.
  • Their short and dense hair is brown to dark cream tones. Some species carry the patterns of wild cats on their bodies.
  • Their hunting skills are highly developed.
  • They are very intelligent, curious and open to learning cats.
  • They differ significantly from other cat breeds in that they can be trained.
  • They are very loyal and loyal cats to people.
  • Despite their wild appearance, they are extremely gentle and affectionate animals.
  • They are very emotionally sensitive and sensitive to human feelings.
  • They cannot be alone for long. When they feel lonely, they can become depressed and aggressive.
  • A female Chausie cat gives birth to 6 to 8 kittens at one birth.
  • They are sensitive cats about cleaning. Food and water bowls and living areas should be cleaned regularly.
  • Although they are generally hardy cats, they are genetically predisposed to heart and kidney ailments. Bone and joint diseases can also be seen in these cats.
  • Average life expectancy is 14 years.

Chausie Cat Breed Care

Despite their wild appearance, Chausie cats are not difficult to care for, which are affectionate, sensitive and very attached to their owners. These cats will be extremely happy and cheerful as long as you do not leave them alone for a long time and do not miss their attention and love needs. They get along well with other pets as they are social and affectionate creatures. However, since they are excellent hunters with a feature brought by their wild genes, these cats’ housemates should not be creatures such as birds, fish, rabbits or hamsters. This breed, which is not suitable for living outside the house, will want to catch birds and insects passing by windows and balconies. This can invite potential accidents. For this reason, if you are thinking of adopting a Chausie cat, we should not miss cat safety products and cat glass protections from your home .

You don’t need to bathe the Chausie cat, which should only be brushed once or twice a week as their coats are short and they don’t shed much. This cat breed, which will not force you in hair care, is in the category of large cats, so they have a hard time living in very small houses. Their diet is no different from other cats. But because they are very active, they should be fed with high protein cat dry food .