Chinchilla Cat Features and Care

Chinchilla cats, a type of Persian cat, are popular for their long silky hair, large eyes and beauty. Unlike Persian cats, their faces are not flattened, but they have a wide face and dense, long hair like them. Although these cats, which emerged by crossbreeding in the last half of the 19th century, are not yet accepted as a separate species, Chinchilla cats have their own characteristics. Taking their name from a rodent called Chinchilla, these cats get this name because their fur features resemble this animal. Attached to their owners with love, these cute cats love to sleep on their laps and be loved.

chinchilla ozellikleri

Chinchilla Cat General Characteristics

  • It is a crossbred breed of Persian cats.
  • They are medium sized cats. When they reach adulthood, their weight ranges from 3.5 kilograms to 7 kilograms.
  • They have dense, long and soft hair.
  • Feather colors are usually white and cream tones. Most Chinchilla cats become monochromatic in their adulthood, but some have shades of gray amongst the light coats. When they are young, their fur is darker, as they grow, their feather colors lighten.
  • Their eyes are not inward, unlike Persian cats. They have large eyes, which are usually green or blue.
  • They are animals with characteristics similar to Persian cats. They are docile and calm, like Persian cats.
  • They get along well with people and other pets.
  • They are very attached to their owners.
  • They are very intelligent cats.
  • They are skilled hunters.
  • They are quiet animals, they do not meow much.
  • They are not very active, but they like to devote certain times of the day to play and exercise.
  • They are generally healthy animals, but the predisposition to kidney ailments in Persian cats is inherited from Chinchilla cats. In addition to heart diseases, the problem of hair swallowing, which is common in long-haired cats, is also present in these cats.
  • Their life span is up to 15 years.

Chinchilla Cat Care

Although Chinchilla cats are a sub-breed of Persian cats, they do not experience respiratory problems and eye discharge because they have a different face structure than theirs. However, Chinchilla cats’ eyes need to be cleaned regularly, as their long hair will keep burrs and dust around the eyes.

Since the Chinchilla cat is a long-haired breed, its fur should be brushed at least three times a week. Skin diseases can occur if their hair is not brushed. They also vomit frequently because they swallow a lot of hair while cleaning themselves. In order to prevent this situation, you need to clean them from dead hair by combing them frequently. In this direction,  it will be a good choice to use cat vitamins . 

They have taken the docile and calm character structure of Persian cats. They do not like noisy and crowded environments. Therefore, it is difficult for them to live in crowded houses. The noise and the crowd force them to run and hide. They tend to be attached to a single person. They expect intense attention and love from the person they are attached to. Even Chinchilla cats, who love to spend time with their owners, do not hesitate to show them their love and often want to sleep in their owners’ lap. These cats are ideal housemates for those who live alone and spend most of their time at home.  

Chinchillas, which are very intelligent cats, are attentive and empathetic creatures. When they are careful and curious, combined with their intelligence, a very good hunting ability emerges. Chinchilla cats, who are always after the flies flying around the house and the birds that land on the balcony, can easily establish emotional bonds with their owners thanks to their empathy skills.