Cleaning Methods in Houses With Pets

Although it is very pleasant to live with our pet friends, it significantly increases your responsibility at home. No matter how short and few your pets’ hairs are, no matter how clean you keep your house, you can’t prevent the hairs flying all over the house. In addition to feathers, some animals also change the smell of the house. For this reason, pet owners have to do house cleaning frequently in terms of both the health of their animals and themselves and the hygiene of the house. Knowing the methods that will make house cleaning easier will relax you at this point.

Cleaning Methods in Houses With Pets

Ways to Minimize Hair Problems in Homes with Pets

Especially cat and dog owners are accustomed to hairs that have become lumps on the ground or fly in the air at the slightest movement. These feathers can invite respiratory diseases as well as trigger allergies. Therefore, it is very important to keep the places where pets live clean. For this, your pet must have an area at home and sleep there. Food and water containers should be in a certain corner of the house and should be washed every day. Reducing lint and dust-collecting items such as carpets, rugs and sofas in your home will also help your home stay cleaner for longer. If you do not want to reduce these items, you can cover them with covers that you can easily wash. Using vinegar water while wiping the floors also allows you to do an effective cleaning by staying away from chemicals. Don’t forget to ventilate your home often. In addition to these measures you will take at home, some points will be carefully applied for your health and to have a clean home, which will allow you to minimize hairs. Here are these ways;

Brush Your Pets Regularly

Your pets shed by nature. It is beneficial in every respect to brush them at intervals that you will determine according to the length and density of their hair. Brushing the hair of your long-haired pet every other day, and the short-haired ones at least twice a week is not only positive for keeping your living space clean, but also very beneficial for the health of your cat or dog. Brushing, which is necessary for the skin health and blood circulation of cats and dogs, will also strengthen your communication with them.

Wash Your Pets Regularly

As it is known, cats do not need to be washed as they clean themselves every day. But it is necessary to wash them from time to time. While it’s enough to bathe cats twice a year, consider whether there are cats that don’t like water, depending on their breed. If your cat does not want to be bathed, do not force it, otherwise it will lose its trust in you. Bathe your cat using cat-specific shampoos.

In dogs, bathing is an almost essential need. Although dogs do not like to take a bath, they need to be washed with shampoos specially produced for them once a month, since they are not self-cleaning animals like cats. Because dogs have a unique smell and their smell permeates the house. After washing, be sure to dry them very well and ensure that they do not get cold. Be ill with a cold; It can cause many negative effects from eye diseases to respiratory diseases in animals.

Wash Your Pets Bedding and Furniture Frequently

One of the most important steps that pet owners should take in house cleaning is to frequently wash the bedding and toys where the animals sleep. Pet bedding collects a lot of fluff and dust. This causes dirt to spread through the house due to bedding and toys. Washing the items your cat or dog uses once a week will keep your house cleaner. What should be considered here is to minimize the use of chemicals and to do the washing or to use more natural materials such as soap during washing.