Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Features and Care

The Colorpoint Shorthair cat, which is related to Siamese cats, also has its origins in the Abyssinian and American Shorthairs. Based on cats. The prominent dark spot around the eyes and nose and ears of Siamese cats may be more subtle in Colorpoint Shorthair cats. Colorpoint Shorthairs, whose faces and head structures are pointed, and whose noses are long downwards, have different color combinations and different types. This talkative and active cat breed, which started to be produced in the first half of the 1940s, was accepted as a separate cat breed in the 1960s. Colorpoint Shorthair cats, which attract attention with their closeness to humans, love to be noticed and loved. They are a complete house cat. Although they seem to be socialized quickly, they are not very good at getting along with other pets.


Colorpoint Shorthair Cat General Characteristics

  • The United States is their homeland.
  • They are related to Siamese cats, Abyssinian and American Shorthair cats.
  • It is a medium-sized cat breed.
  • They have a thin and long body.
  • They are extremely agile cats with the advantage that their hind legs are longer than their front legs.
  • They are very good hunters.
  • They are creatures with high exercise needs.
  • Their shiny, soft coat is short and cream-colored and has light tones. But these cats also have different colors.
  • Their eyes are usually blue in color.
  • They are very active and energetic creatures.
  • They are curious and intelligent cats.
  • They are animals that are close to humans and attached to their owners.
  • They are also affectionate towards people they do not know.
  • Their need for attention and love and their fondness for their owners prevent them from getting along well with other pets. These cats do not want to share their owners.
  • They are very talkative and talkative cats. They meow and purr profusely.
  • They don’t like to be alone at all.
  • They are prone to respiratory diseases. Lymph cancer is also common in these cats.
  • They have a lifespan of up to 17 years.

Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Care

If you are looking for movement and sound in your home, you are ready to live with a Colorpoint Shorthair cat. But it is inevitable to create a large living space for these cats, which are quite talkative and energetic. Colorpoint Shorthair cats are very active animals and because they are agile, climbing is their specialty. Colorpoint Shorthair cats, who will always want to run and play in the house, are very insistent that you participate in your games. In order to attract your attention and communicate with you, you should devote special time to these cats, which meow and purr a lot, and you should not leave them alone at home for a long time. Because these cats are prone to get depressed when they are alone. Thinking that you will not have enough energy and time for them and thinking about buying a roommate is not a good reasoning. This is because Colorpoint Shorthairs are not very willing to get along with other pets. They are known for their closeness to people and do not want the love and attention of their owners to be scattered, and they do not leave their owners all day long. 

It would be wise to buy cat scratching posts for these cats . Thus, while filing their nails on the one hand, on the other hand they find a place where they can climb and linger. Another element to keep Colorpoint Shorthairs busy are flying insects. Since they are great hunters, they will want to catch every little creature that enters the house, which they are very successful in.