Considerations When Taking Cats to the Veterinarian

Cats are highly habituated creatures. Let alone leaving their home, even the change of place of a small item in the house surprises them. Commonly Norwegian Forest cats , Siberian cats and Maine Coon cats. Almost no cat breeds are not very eager to go out of the house where they settled, except for large breed cats such as. Therefore, your cat may find it difficult for you to leave the house, such as going to the veterinarian for routine checkups and vaccinations. Also, getting them in their transport box for vet visits will make them remember where they went. Because cats are animals with a strong memory and they tend to take precautions against bad experiences. So it’s normal for these clever animals to run and hide the first time you try to get them into the carrying baskets. Apart from leaving home, it will also stress them out when they realize that they have been taken to the vet clinic where they had a bad experience.

Considerations When Taking Cats to the Veterinarian

How Do I Take My Cat to the Veterinary Clinic?

One of the most difficult procedures for cat owners is to take their cats to veterinary control. This is a complete disaster, especially for cats that have undergone sterilization surgery. But there are ways to make this hard work easier for yourself and less stressful for your cat.

– The first thing to do is to put your cat in the transport box. While doing this, choose a moment when your cat is calm. Let this not be a period of time when he eats formula or sleeps.

– Make sure that the cat carrier bags or baskets you use are intact and that their covers cannot be opened.

– Gently take your cat to the transport basket by petting it or using cat treats . Never force it into the basket. But show him that you are determined.

– Since cats are creatures that get stressed and panic quickly, they will try to get out of the basket and start shouting when they enter the basket. In this case, get him out of the house immediately, before he has time to panic further.

– Put your cat in the car and be careful not to shake the cart while the car is moving. Even take the basket in your lap. Because concussions increase his fear.

– Talk to your cat along the way and give her your hand. Hearing your voice and smelling your scent will calm him down a bit.

– No matter how loud and angry your cat may be, do not let her loose in the car.

– Another point that will help your cat calm down in the carrying bag is the presence of an object that belongs to him or you. This will be familiar to your cat and will allow him to become a little more stable.

– When you get out of the vehicle, be careful not to shake the carrying bag and not to hit it anywhere. Also, don’t keep your carry-on bag close to the ground. If you hold the bag at chest level so that your cat can see the outside comfortably, your cat will try to calm down by watching the surroundings.

– Turn the carrying case towards you when you enter the clinic. Your cat may panic when he sees other pets.

– Don’t raise your voice at your cat if he gets irritable. Keep talking to him calmly.

– Never open the transport basket without the intervention of your veterinarian in the veterinary clinic.

– When the examination is over, your cat will be hectic again, but this time the dose of panic will be less. Because your cat now knows that you are taking it home.