Devon Rex Cat Breed Features and Care

Devon Rex cats are cats that are thought to be hairless , like Sphinxes . The Devon Rexler, which has a very distinctive and striking appearance, actually has feathers, but these hairs are very short and sparse in some Devon Rex breeds so they appear to be hairless. In addition to having little hair, these cats have large eyes and large ears. Contrary to their different physical characteristics, Devon Rex cats are very warm-blooded animals. Their loyalty to their owners and their dislike of being alone make their care a bit difficult, but their very good nature and cheerful nature make them indispensable. Devon Rex cats, which became popular in the world after they were taken to America in the 1970s, are actually of British Devon origin.

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Devon Rex Cat Breed General Characteristics

  • Their homeland is Devon, England.
  • They are medium sized cats. Their weight varies between 2.5 kilograms and 4 kilograms.
  • Their ears and eyes are large compared to their heads. 
  • Their legs are muscular and strong. Since their hind legs are longer than their front legs, they move very quickly.
  • Hair is very short and sparse. There are also Devon Rex species with curly hair.
  • Eye colors are usually blue or yellow.
  • They are social creatures. They get along well with dogs and other pets and can live together.
  • They are very playful cats.
  • They are very energetic and very active creatures.
  • They are attached to their owners.
  • They expect a lot of attention from their owners.
  • They are very curious animals.
  • They are not afraid of water, on the contrary, they love water.
  • Since their feathers are sparse, they are not resistant to cold weather conditions.
  • They are prone to ear infections.
  • They have an average lifespan of 12 years.

Devon Rex Cat Breed Care

The most striking feature of Devon Rex cats is their fur. Although they have hair, these cats, which seem to be absent because they are very sparse and short, also love to take a bath because they love water. However, due to their feather structure, it should be ensured that their body temperature does not decrease in cold months. Their lack of fur and large ears make these cats prone to ear infections. For this reason, Devon Rexler’s ears should be cleaned regularly and checked by a veterinarian.

Devon Rex, who follow you around the house like a small dog breed because they are attached to their owners, show their loving nature to their owners until the end. These cats, who want to sleep on your lap all the time, often want to make eye contact with you. When you’re not looking at him, they knock over things and run past you to get your attention. It is also known that these cats can establish very good relationships and live together with other domestic creatures, although they always want the attention of their owner.

They are unexpectedly good-natured and sociable from their looks. They love to play games and run around the house. You can buy cat toys for Devon Rex cats, which have a naughty activity, to keep them entertained and get rid of their energy . Otherwise, they will turn everything in the house into toys because of their curious character structures. These cats, which cannot be left alone except when they are playing on their own, are not ideal cats for those who have a busy work schedule and cannot spend a lot of time at home.