Do Cats Get Cold?

One of the reasons a cat feels nice and warm when petted is because their regular body temperature is two degrees higher than a human’s.  However, this natural warmth does not mean that cats are unaffected by the cold.

Why Do Cats Love the Heat?

Do Cats Get Cold

You can see a cat lying in the sun, even in summer, and pleasingly curled up in any warm area in winter.

There are two reasons why cats love warmth.  First, cats are born with temperature receptors around their faces that allow newborn kittens to locate and feed on the mother before their eyes open .  As we age, these receptors become more sensitive, and the natural urge to seek pre-programmed natural warmth becomes a daily instinct.  The second reason is that cats are better at tolerating heat than we are, so putting them in the sunlight or near an open fire is not uncomfortable for them.  However, despite their apparent resistance to heat, cats are not cold tolerant.

What Happens to Cats Left Outside in Winter?

Like many furry animals, cats have the  ability to form winter fur, which they shed at the end of winter , but this is not enough to keep a cat warm in the winter. Even indoor cats feel chilly, especially when their owners are out of the house and the heating is turned off, and of course outdoor cats also get chills in the icy cold weather and seek warm places.

Like humans, some cats feel the cold more than others, especially older cats, very young cats or cats suffering from illness.  Over-blowing  winds, rain and snow, a cat will be more cold, because it can not maintain the temperature at which compress the fur in these conditions.

How Should We Keep Cats Warm?

The easiest way to keep our lovely friends warm in the winter is to keep them safe in the wind and rain. For this, simple waterproof and windproof shelters and cat houses can be built.

If you are looking after a cat at home and you  leave the house for most of the day and do not want to leave the heating on, you can consider a cat bed for your friend to sleep in a warm environment . The plush fur bed will warm your cat while lying in it, and will keep your friend warm. This way, he will be less likely to climb on your furniture because he is in a good mood.