Features and Care of Sarman Cats

Not a cat breed in its own right, Sarmans are classified cats because of their coat color. In other words, it is possible to come across Sarman cats in different cat breeds. But mostly in tabby cats It coincides with the Sarmans. For this reason, Sarmans, which are perceived as a subspecies of tabby cats, attract attention with their yellow fur and yellow eyes. These cute cats, which are similar in character to tabby, differ from them with their unique fur colors. In addition, Sarman cats are not as active and energetic as tabby cats. It is more distant towards people than tabbies. They love to sleep and are calm in their habitat. However, this feature does not prevent them from being playful and bonding closely with their owners. Although the origin of the Sarmans, which is one of the most common cat species in the world, is not known clearly, there is a common opinion that they emerged in France in the Middle Ages.


General Characteristics of Sarman Cats

  • The opinion that their homeland is France is widespread.
  • It is not a cat breed in itself, it is possible to come across Sarmans in many different cat breeds. However, since these cats are mostly seen among Tabby, they are also taken as a species of Tabby cats and show similar characteristics with Tabby.
  • They are usually larger and longer haired than Tabby cats.
  • Feather colors are yellow and mostly shaded. Hair is dense and dense.
  • Its eyes are yellow.
  • They are usually male.
  • They are very intelligent cats. They are open to training and learn easily.
  • They like to rest and sleep in cool places.
  • They are animals that are attached to their owners and the place they live in.
  • They are docile and adaptable.
  • They are not aggressive. They are generally social and affectionate cats.
  • They get along very well with other pets and people.
  • They tend to gain weight. Apart from this, they have no known genetic disorders.
  • They have an average lifespan of 15 years. But with good care, they can live much longer.

Caring for Sarman Cats

Although they are very docile and calm animals, they love to play. They are very active when they play, but they are also fond of sleep. They are more sleepy and less energetic than tabbies. Although they are very attached to their owners, they also like to be alone from time to time. Although they are known as lap cats, it is not possible to have constant physical contact with them. They will want to make you love them every day, but they can get tired of it happening at any moment. It is also very possible that they disappear at certain times of the day and turn it into a habit. Don’t be alarmed when it’s not in sight. They do this to have a comfortable sleep in a quiet and quiet place. They will be with you at all times, except during rest hours.

Sarmans are very intelligent animals and learn quickly. If you put your Sarman cat, which you brought into your home, to the litter once, he immediately understands the situation and goes straight to the litter the next time he needs to toilet. It is beneficial to obtain quality, odorless, natural and dust-free bentonite cat litter for your Sarman cat . Because scented sands can cause allergies in Sarman cats. If your cat sneezes while getting out of the litter, you need to change the litter.

Cowling cats are prone to weight gain due to their long sleep periods and their fondness for food. If they gain weight, it is recommended to play games that will encourage them to move in order to prevent obesity problems. With no known health issues other than their tendency to gain weight, Sarmans are very hardy cats. In its care, it is important to make regular vaccinations with hair, ear cleaning and nail cutting.