Features and Care of Tabby Cats

It is possible to see tabby cats, which are not a pure breed, on almost every street. As a result of many different studies, it has been revealed that tabby cats are descended from forest cats. Another view about Tabbys, whose homeland is known as Anatolia, is that they came from African Forest Cats. Another view is that the origin of Tabby is based on European Wild cats. Although the exact date of emergence is not known, it is obvious that Tabby cats have many sub-genres. For this reason, they have very different physical and character traits from each other. Tabby cats, which are known as stray cats in our country and are abundant, are known for their endurance in harsh conditions, intelligence and survival efforts.

Features and Care of Tabby Cats

General Characteristics of Tabby Cats

  • Their homeland is considered to be Anatolia in our country.
  • They are hybrid cats and have many subspecies.
  • They are not usually one color. Their feathers are patterned and can have any color. Feather density and feather length also vary.
  • These cats, which are mostly medium sized, can have different sizes. But in general, adult Tabbies weigh between 3 and 8 kilos. Females have a smaller head and body than males.
  • Its ears are erect.
  • Their eyes are usually round and large, but there are also many almond-eyed Tabby.
  • Although each one has different and unique characteristics, Tabby cats are generally very active and playful creatures.
  • They are cautious animals. When they sense danger, they first run away and then defend themselves. They do their best to survive.
  • They like to spend most of their days sleeping and the rest of their time playing games.
  • They are good hunters. Hunting small animals such as birds and insects is almost a game for them.
  • Although they have a high capacity to live on the street, they are very happy in the home environment and adapt to their living spaces immediately.
  • They are intelligent and curious cats.
  • It is not possible to train them. They are not docile like other cat breeds. They like to be on their own and to be alone.
  • They are generally in good health. They are disease resistant animals.
  • When kept at home, their average lifespan is 12 years. But with good care, this period can be extended much longer.

Tabby Cat Care

Since tabby cats are hybrid cats, they show very different characteristics in every respect and have very different needs. But all Tabbies are active and playful. Most of the time when they are not sleeping, they want to play. Although they love to play with their owners, they also manage to vote for themselves. Although it varies in every Tabby cat, Tabbys require less attention than other cat breeds and do not mind being left alone in the house for short periods of time. 

Thanks to their intelligence, tabbies quickly adapt to the environment they live in. They quickly adopt their owners and new homes. However, Tabby cats are not very social animals due to their independent nature. Therefore, they do not like to live with other domestic creatures, including their own species. Since their survival instincts are high, they may perceive other living things as a threat and become vicious to protect their territory and themselves. But they can be socialized when used as puppies.

Since there are many different types of tabby cats, their physical characteristics also vary. Their hair can be short or long. Shorthaired Tabby is easier to groom. Long-haired Tabby cats should be brushed at least three times a week, while this number can be reduced to two or even one for short-haired cats. Feeding with quality food will make their hair beautiful.

Tabby are extremely resistant to diseases. This makes their maintenance easier. Tabby cats can be with you for many years as long as their eyes and stomach are taken care of, well fed and vaccinated.