Foods You Can Give Cats Other Than Food

Since cats are carnivorous creatures, they get the vitamins and minerals they need from proteins. It is also known that cats get their energy from proteins. But apart from proteins, there are foods that cats need. Foods that support the digestive systems of our cute friends and protect the health of their internal organs can be supplemented other than dry foods, but care should be taken that these additional foods are not salty, oily and spicy, and the meat to be given to cats should never be an avalanche. Since milk and dairy products can adversely affect the digestive system of cats, attention should be paid to the size and amount of these foods. Also, cats should be kept away from meals and snacks prepared for humans.

Foods You Can Give Cats Other Than Food

Foods That Support Cat’s Health

It is possible to supplement your cat’s diet with some additional foods other than dry food. At this point, it should not be forgotten that the main meals of cats are dry food. Except for quality dry cat foods , the foods you will give your cat should be in small quantities and should not replace the main nutrients. There is no harm in feeding your cat these foods in small amounts and not often. Giving your cat more and more solid food than food will result in your cat not eating food. This negatively affects your cat’s health. Following the cat food, which is the main food of your cat, the nutrients that make up the foot of its diet and positively affect its health are as follows:

  • Meat products
  • Egg
  • Dairy products
  • cereals
  • Vegetables and fruits

Meat products

Cats get their main food source, protein, from meat. You can give chicken, turkey and fish meat as well as red meat to these carnivorous creatures. But it is important that the meat you feed your cat in small amounts is not oily and cooked. Apart from fried meat, boiled and grilled meat products are ideal food sources for your cat. However, you should not use salt and spices while preparing meat, and you should not cook meat with foods that are harmful to cats, such as onions or garlic. Another point to note is that your cat should not be given meat every day. This causes him to not eat formula again and therefore not be fed adequately.


Egg, which is a very healthy protein for cats, can be cooked completely and given to cats in small sizes. However, it is essential that the egg is not cooked in oil and boiled and fed to the cat. Raw or undercooked eggs and a whole egg are very harmful to cats.

Dairy products

Cats are very sensitive to digesting milk and dairy products. Therefore, it is not appropriate to give raw milk to any cat. In fact, it will be more positive if you do not give your cat any milk at all. Instead, cats’ diets can be supplemented with yogurt, which relaxes their digestive system. Giving yogurt in small quantities every day is very beneficial for your cat and especially prevents constipation. Cheese, on the other hand, is a cat’s favorite food, but cheeses that are not greasy and salty are recommended for cats.


In addition to vegetables and fruit, cats surprisingly need grains. Some of the dry cat foods already contain grains. If your cat does not have a weight problem, it is  beneficial to give your cat foods containing corn, oats, barley and wheat, and low-grain dry cat food . Thus, your cat’s digestive system is regulated with fiber-rich grains.

Vegetables and fruits

Although cats are carnivores, some vegetables and fruits are extremely beneficial for them and should be included in their diet. For example, watermelon has positive effects on the skin and eye health of cats, while melon supports the digestive system of cats because it contains fiber. Thanks to pumpkin, which is also a fibrous food, the hairs that cats swallow while cleaning are removed from the body through defecation. Strawberry; While supporting the immune system of cats, apples provide cats with vitamins A, C and E. Apart from these fruits, bananas, blueberries and carrots are also beneficial for the health of cats.

From vegetables, you can boil spinach and mix it with your cat’s food and foods to prevent kidney ailments. Zucchini, green beans and peas are also vegetables that can find a place in the diet list of cats. If you cannot make your cat taste these vegetables and fruits directly, you can buy dry foods containing these foods.