Hairless Cat-Sphinx Care and Features

Hairless cat – The Sphinx cat is one of the few hairless cat breeds. Its homeland is Canada. Contrary to its harsh appearance, it is a calm, warm-blooded and friendly cat breed towards its owner. Average lifespan is 9-10 years, but can live up to 14-15 years if well cared for . 

The Sphynx cat , which was born in Canada in the 1960s by chance at the stage of combining different breeds, has attracted the attention of many cat breeders and cat lovers because of its hairless nature. Breeders in Europe and North America began to work on perfecting the breed and selecting puppies with the best physical and mental characteristics to ensure the permanence of the breed.  Over the years, this selective breeding has made the sphinx cat a strong breed with a large gene pool.

The Sphinx cat is a medium to large breed in terms of size and weight. It has large, erect and pointed ears like a bat. Their widely spaced eyes are large and round. Eye color is variable, there is no specific eye color for this species. He had prominent cheekbones. With this appearance, it is called the sphinx cat because it resembles the Egyptian sphinx. It has little to no hair, so it is extremely sensitive to cold and needs to be washed weekly. 

Although this exotic breed is referred to as the hairless cat, the truth is not what it seems. They have hairs that are barely visible to the naked eye but can be felt when you touch them. The most striking feature of this species, which arouses interest and curiosity with its appearance, is its wrinkles. He has deep wrinkles around his shoulders, between his ears, and on his face. Due to its short hair, wrinkles are more noticeable than other cats.

Hairless Cat Sphinx Care and Features

The Sphinx cat is a high-energy cat that can perform acrobatic tricks like a monkey, on the contrary to its noble and calm appearance. Balance games specialize in climbing doors, crawling shelves, even sitting on the owner’s shoulder like a parrot. 

He likes to show off and be on top of attention. Curious and mischievous. It surprises its owner with its high level of intelligence. 

The friendliness and warm-bloodedness of this breed is quickly adopted by its owners. It has the habit of chasing after its owner, wagging its tail like a dog. It gets along well with other cat breeds and pets.

It is a complete family cat. He establishes different relationships with the owner and other individuals living in the house one by one, but establishes a warm and charming friendship with everyone. 

Despite their scarcity of fur, sphinx cats require responsibility. Cats accumulate fat on their bodies, just like human hair. Furry cats’ fur absorbs this oil. However, since the sphinx cat has no hair, it needs a bath once a week to keep this oil in balance. If it is not washed weekly, you may see oil stains in various parts of your home. 

The Sphinx cat needs to be protected from the sun. It can come out into the sun itself on a limited basis. Excess sunlight causes sunburn on the skin.

He is genetically strong and has no recorded chronic disease. 

If he is alone at home for a long time, you should have plenty of cat toys around him that he can play with. It is also a good training method for him to learn to play with you with these toys. If you are not clear about toys, when you come home in the evening, you can find materials such as trinkets, books, flower pots on the floor and scattered.