Honey Bear Cat Features and Care

It is said that Honey Bear cats, which have an official history of 20 years, are a breed obtained by transferring skunk genetics to a female Persian cat. This claim may differ with the statement that the honey badger gene is used instead of the skunk. Although they are similar to Persian cats in terms of physical features, these beautiful animals, whose facial structure is different from cats of this breed, have long, dense and soft hair. Known as calm and docile cats as well as their cheerful and playful nature, Honey Bear cats are very harmonious creatures. When their sharp intelligence and being good-natured cats are combined with their beauty, Honey Bear cats become indispensable. This cat breed, which also impresses people with its warm displays of affection, is a rare breed because it is not natural, but produced.

honey bear kedisi

Honey Bear Cat General Characteristics

  • They were discovered in a laboratory setting in the United States.
  • They are said to have emerged by transferring the skunk gene to the Persian cat.
  • They do not have a flat face like Persian cats.
  • They are medium sized cats. They don’t grow much. Their weight can reach 6 kilograms in adulthood.
  • They have long and dense hair. The feather color can be in light colors that go to gray with cream and tones.
  • Their legs are short compared to their bodies.
  • They have an athletic body structure.
  • Playful cats.
  • They are calm and docile animals. They do not tend to show aggressive reactions such as scratching and biting.
  • They do not meow much, they are quiet cats.
  • They adapt quickly to the environments they live in.
  • They have a sharp wit. They are curious creatures.
  • They like to be noticed.
  • They become attached to people they trust. It takes some time for them to trust.
  • Their average lifespan is 13 years.

Honey Bear Cat Care

Aside from the skunk or honey badger myth about Honey Bear cats, which is still being researched, these cats are beautiful creatures. No matter where their genes are based, Honey Bear cats, which are rare in the world due to being a breeding animal, attract attention with their long, soft fur like cotton. Although these feathers make their care a bit difficult, brushing them regularly will eliminate this problem. The unexpectedly low shedding of their long hair makes these cats even more attractive. Brushing it several times a week also helps establish a special bond of trust with its owner. Because although these cats adapt easily to the place they live in, they do not approach people until they trust them. After trusting their owners, they do not become too attached to them and follow them.

These cats, which expect a lot of attention and love, do not like to be alone and like to sleep in their laps after long games with their owners. Therefore, they expect you to devote special time to them. These cats, showing their love generously, are not suitable for those who do not spend a long time at home. If left alone, he will first mix things up in the house because of his curious and playful nature, and then he will get bored of loneliness and become unhappy.

These cats, which are sensitive to the wishes of their owners thanks to their intelligence, are also prone to education and try to do what they say so as not to upset their owners. Honey Bear cats, which can be active or calm according to the environment they live in, have a different feature from other cats; they are a little clumsy. They do not use their reflexes as well as other cats. This can cause various home accidents and falls. For this reason, it should be kept away from high places such as balconies and glass fronts. From time to time, they can also drop items in the house. These clumsy cats can sometimes fall out of their sleeping places in their sleep. To prevent this, we recommend that you buy a nested cat bed .