How Do Cats See the World?

Cats are interesting and different creatures in every way. Perhaps the most striking aspect of cats, which make people love themselves with their cute movements, unique character structures and beauties, is their eyes. Cat’s eyes are both very beautiful and have a different look. When you look at a cat from the side, you will see that its eyes are protruding, that is, they have a protruding structure. This difference in the eyes of cats is a sign that their eyesight is different from that of humans. How do cats see their surroundings with their eyes that glow when the light is lit, their pupils thin in bright light and large in the dark?

How Do Cats See the World

The World Through Cats’ Eyes

There are many different theories about how cats perceive the world and how they see their surroundings. Studies have shown that the retinas of cats are very different from those of humans and that cats do not see the world as we do. First of all, it is not a correct judgment to call cats colorblind. Cats, like humans, perceive colors, but we can say that they see the world more dimly than we do. In other words, the old view that cats see the world in black and white or shades of yellow is a fallacy. Cats, like us, have three basic colors, namely blue, green and red.They can see colors. This means that cats can distinguish colors. However, the inability of their eyes to see intermediate colors causes cats to perceive colors as paler or more pastel than we do.

Cats have a wider field of view than humans

When we humans look at a point directly in front of us, we see the object at an angle of 180 degrees. This means that we can partially see the right, left, top and bottom of the object we focus on. Cats, on the other hand, can see around the point where they focus much better than we do, since the angle of view of cats is approximately 20 degrees wider than that of the human eye. But cats are like myopic people. They cannot see objects and figures above a certain distance as clearly as we do. In other words, they can see an object that we can see clearly from a distance of about 30 meters, with a similar clarity to us after they come within 6 meters on average. This is why cats will look intently at a toy or bowl of food you show them.

How Do Cats Have Night Vision?

Cats have a larger field of vision than humans due to their wide viewing angles, even though they can’t see far clearly and perceive colors more dimly. Another point where cats’ eyes excel over human eyes is their ability to see better in the dark than we do. People need a certain light intensity to see in the dark. But cats can see much better at night, even with one-sixth of the light intensity that humans need to see around. This is due to a structure located behind cats’ retinas. Thanks to this structure, called the tepatum, the cat’s eye reflects light, allowing cats to distinguish much more objects in very little light. This is the reason why cats’ eyes shine.