How to Cut a Cat Nail?

One of the most difficult points for cat owners in cat care is to care for their cats’ nails. Cats have long nails, which means they damage household items and scratch and injure their hands while playing with their owners, but that’s not the real problem. If you don’t trim your cat’s nails regularly, your cat can get caught anywhere and injure himself. Although this cutting interval varies according to the growth rate of the nail, it means that the nails of the cats have reached the consistency of cutting , usually between 3 weeks and 1 month . But if you missed this time and your cat’s nail is too long, it starts to break down over time and gets caught on surfaces while walking. This can damage your cat’s paws as well as cause it to have difficulty walking.

How to Cut a Cat Nail

Cats instinctively show scratching behavior. In this way, they file their own nails a little bit. However, this action does not shorten the cat’s nail, it only helps to get rid of the dead layer on the outer surface of the nail. Nail length remains the same. For this reason, you should cut your cat’s nails and buy him a cat scratching board .

Why Are Cats Afraid of Having Their Nails Trimmed?

When it’s time to have your cat’s nails trimmed, does she start to run away from you the moment she sees the scissors in your hand? Yes, clipping a cat’s nails is quite a challenge. Cats turn into dust as soon as they realize you’re going to cut their nails. In this case, forcing your cat will stress him out even more. You should remember that cats are very cautious animals and they instinctively tend to run away when they think they are going to get hurt and hide until the danger has passed. Nails are the first tool cats use for self-defense. And when we try to interfere with their defensive weapons, it is inevitable that they will react to us. At the same time, trying to keep cats still during the nail clipping process also stresses them out. When the cat, whose freedom is restricted, knows that he cannot escape, his panic increases. For this reason, he avoids cutting his nails, which he sees as a part of his own body. The thing to do here is to keep your cat calm and avoid forcing it.

Cat Nail Trimming Method

In order to cut your cat’s nails, you first need to get a cat nail clipper specially produced for this job . It is never recommended to use any other tool to cut your cat’s nails. This can harm your cat. Your second step in cutting cat nails is to learn about the nail structure of cats. When you look at your cat’s nail from the side, you will see that the nail has a curved structure. So cats’ nails are not straight like ours. Also, cat nails are very thick compared to human nails.

Cats’ nails have living tissue made up of blood vessels and nerves. For this reason, you can never cut the nail deeply. Otherwise, you will injure living tissue. What you need to focus on here is the tip of the nail, and the color of this tip is different from the bottom. This is the part you need to cut. It is not necessary to cut the nails of the back paw. The nails on the back paws of cats are already thicker and blunt than the front nails. The back claws are not too sharp and not too long. If the nails on the hind paws are too long, you can cut them in a very small amount.

It is important to watch your cat’s most calm and peaceful moments and not to force it to cut nails. Approach her slowly, touch the nail clippers to her hair, let her scent permeate the scissors and let her sniff the scissors. In this way, you will establish a trust between you and show that the scissors will not harm him. As cat owners know, when you gently press on cats’ paws, their nails pop out. Do this gently and stroking to ensure that your cat is not frightened. Never rush the nail cut and be patient.