How to Identify Fake Cat and Dog Food?

Especially in recent years, counterfeiting incidents in cat and dog foods have started to be encountered frequently. Counterfeiting, which is mostly seen in foods sold over the internet, can cause serious health problems in our pet friends. Even if there is no health problem, foods that do not have nutritional value cause cats and dogs to not be fed enough. The most important thing you need to do in order to understand whether the food is fake and not to be exposed to fake food is to get the food from a platform you trust.

Don’t Buy Open Food

When buying food for your cat or dog, you should pay attention to shopping from websites you trust, pet shops and veterinary clinics. In addition, it is very important that the food you buy is packaged. It is not possible to determine whether the open foods are original or not, since they do not have packaging. Open foods are very susceptible to counterfeiting and you are not likely to see the expiration dates of these foods. So even if the open food is original, it may be left and stale. In addition, it is also possible to mix original formula and cheap food in open foods.


Look at the Grains of Food

The way to tell if a food is fake is easier with cats. Because cats do not want to eat poor quality food. However, since dogs are more voracious animals, it is highly likely that they will eat food indiscriminately. At this point, the duty of pet owners is to check the grains of the food and compare it with the original food. Fake foods are usually very similar in color and shape to the original foods, but there will always be a slight difference in color. In addition, changes in volume and size that will not go unnoticed are available in fake foods.

Make sure to check the packaging of the foods

Even if you order it online, always check the packaging before opening the food. Check the expiration date and all the elements on the packaging where you can test the authenticity of the food. If the formula is past its expiry date, be sure to return it. If you suspect that the food is fake, try the communication ways on the packaging or contact the manufacturer from the internet address.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to tell whether the food is fake or not on the packaging. Because fake foods can be sent to you by printing exactly the same as the packages of the original brands. Therefore, it is the safest way to get your food from safe places.

Do Market Research About Food Prices

When buying cat or dog food, if the food is too cheap, stay away from it. Like every product, food has a certain price range, and it is suspicious to sell food above and below these prices. After checking the food prices from different websites and pet shops, you can confirm them from veterinary clinics and brands’ own websites, and you can contact the companies directly for price information. Thus, you will have a command of the average market value of the brand food you have determined. Keep in mind that food below this average price may be counterfeit.