Is Dandruff in Cats a Serious Problem?

Dandruff in cats is an annoying disease. It is not serious most of the time but requires medical attention and care. Especially the white scales that appear during the scan and spread around and observed on the sofas and clothes are disturbing for cat owners. Of course, the itching and dry skin problem that your cute friend experiences due to this ailment is the primary complaint. 

Is Dandruff in Cats a Serious Problem

Cat dandruff is a skin disease condition characterized by dry, itchy, flaky skin .  This is a common ailment that can happen to most cats.  Dandruff appears as white patches on the skin and causes it to be dry and itchy.  A lack of omega 3 fatty acids in a cat’s diet can lead to this poor condition of the skin.  Another cause of dandruff in cats can be due to excess skin moisture and natural oil loss.

Cat dandruff is like human dandruff;  it starts with the skin having rashes because it is dry.  It is a troubling disease, but often not serious.  It may also indicate that there is another problem with the cat.  Most owners of cats with dandruff should be careful, if your cat is scratching a lot, this behavior can further damage the skin and cause open sores that can become infected.  This is especially true for outdoor cats, where the environment is much less clean.

Three Important Causes of Dandruff in Cats

  1. Cats can be infected with parasites that cause skin flaking.  During a hot summer, overexposure to heat can cause the cat’s skin to become extremely dry.
  2. Obesity is another factor that causes dandruff in cats.  Dry, scaly skin is evident at the base of the tail or back because overweight cats have trouble reaching these areas when cleaning their fur.
  3. In cats that are bathed frequently; If the cat’s fur and skin are not rinsed well, the small amount of shampoo left on their skin will turn into white dandruff patches.

While most treatments and medications will address the cause of dandruff, the itching and discomfort will not go away until the cause of dandruff is completely gone, which may take some time.  There are also a few things to watch out for, as these are conditions that can make dandruff worse:

  • Raise the humidity in the house.  Dry air will aggravate cat dandruff and is also a cause of brittle and dry fur on your cat.  Do not use a blow dryer when your cat has dandruff and needs grooming, as the added heat will irritate the skin more.
  • For the same reasons outlined above, don’t let the cat go outside in the heat. 
  • Keep the cat comfortable with topical applications that will relieve itching.

These are just a few details to keep in mind when treating your cat with dandruff.  Be sure to consult your veterinarian before starting any treatment yourself. Follow your veterinarian’s prescription exactly for a quick and effective treatment.