Javanese Cat Breed Traits and Care

Attracting attention with their long furry tails and faint dark spots resembling Siamese cats on their faces, Javanese cats are highly intelligent creatures. The homeland of this breed, which is obtained by crossing Siamese cats and Balinese cats, is Bali, an island in Indonesia. They take their name from the island of Java, which is adjacent to the island of Bali. Developed in the United States, cats belonging to this breed were first discovered in the 1940s and it is still controversial that it is a separate breed. Theories have also been put forward that Javanese cats do not constitute a breed on their own, and that they are a species of Colorpoint Shorthair cats. But Javanese cats have longer hair than Colorpoint Shorthairs. This breed, which is famous for being very warm, active and intelligent cats, is also very talkative.

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Javanese Cat

General Characteristics of the Javanese Cat Breed

  • Bali Island of Indonesia is their homeland.
  • They emerged by crossing Siamese cats with Balinese cats.
  • They are still not recognized as an official cat breed.
  • They are medium sized cats. Their weight is on average 5 kilograms.
  • Their bodies are athletic and muscular.
  • They are long and soft-haired cats. Especially the feathers on their tails are quite fluffy and dense.
  • Feather colors are usually cream, beige and honey tones. They have dark spots on their faces and tails. In these aspects, they are similar to their ancestors, Siamese cats.
  • Their eyes are mostly blue or green. But there are also those with honey-colored eyes.
  • They are very active and playful cats.
  • Being highly intelligent allows them to be trained.
  • They are curious and careful animals.
  • They communicate very well with people and do not avoid physical contact.
  • Because they are social creatures, they get along quickly with other pets and strangers.
  • They do not want to leave their owners. So being alone is a big problem for them.
  • They are very chatty and noisy cats.
  • They are very hardy and healthy animals. There are no known health problems.
  • Their average lifespan is 15 years.

Javanese Cat Breed Care

Javanese cats are ideal housemates for those who want action and joy at home. These cats, who tend to run and play at any moment, love to play with their owners. Javanese cats, who can turn every item in the house into toys when they cannot find a toy, can easily solve even complex toys because they are very intelligent creatures. Thanks to their willingness to learn and their efforts to please their owners, these cats can be trained easily and you can teach them anything you want using cat rewards .

These cats, who always keep their eyes on their owners because they have a very attentive and curious character, relieve their tiredness by sleeping on their owners’ laps or at their feet. They want to sleep with you, especially at night. They are not suitable for those who are allergic to cat hair, as they are long-haired. It also needs to be scanned frequently.

Being alone is a nightmare for Javanese cats. That’s why he doesn’t want to leave your side. He communicates with you by meowing and humming. Javanese, who can easily get along with strangers, also get along well with other pets.