Laperm Cat Features and Care

The Laperm cat, named for its curly coat, was discovered by accident in North America. Laperm cats, a new type of cat, were recognized in a short time, loved and spread throughout the world. It is a very unknown cat breed in our country, they are quite good-natured and cheerful. You will have a lot of fun with these cats, which are indispensable friends because they are friendly and establish very good relations with every member of the house. Because Laperm cats love to play and do their best to make their owners happy. They live in harmony with the family without causing problems at home, as they are also prone to training thanks to their character structure and intelligence. In addition to being a complete lap cat, they are also very attached to the home they live in.

Laperm Cat General Characteristics

Laperm Cat General Characteristics

  • They are the homeland of North America.
  • They are medium sized cats.
  • Hair is curly and dense.
  • Their plumage is usually white or cream on the underside of their body, and brown and yellow on the back and head. Some Laperm cats have dark brown spots on their faces. It is also possible to come across Laperm cats of different colors.
  • It is easy for them to live with allergic people as they do not shed much.
  • They are born almost hairless. Their feathers are completed a few months after they are born.
  • They are friendly and social animals. They get along extremely well with people and other pets.
  • They are playful and cheerful cats.
  • They are very attentive and curious.
  • They are intelligent cats, apt to be trained.
  • They like to spend time outside the house and enjoy being in nature.
  • They are attached to their family and owners.
  • Their need for attention and love is high. They don’t like to be alone at all.
  • They are not noisy, they do not make much noise.
  • They are gluttonous cats. They are prone to gaining weight.
  • They have an average lifespan of 15 years.

Laperm Cat Care

Laperm cats are the favorite of those who spend a lot of time at home and those who live alone, as they expect intense attention and love. If you are looking for a cat that likes to sleep in your lap and wants to be in constant physical contact with you, Laperm cats are very suitable for you. Not recommended for those with long working hours and frequent travelers, these cats form very strong bonds with their owners and are very attached to their homes. Therefore, being separated from their owner and home can stress them out. It is not appropriate to leave Laperm cats at home alone for long periods of time, as they do not like to be alone. You can even get them a companion as they get along well with other pets.

The advantage of these cats’ loyalty to you is that they are always in front of you and safe because they cannot afford to leave you. Laperm cats love to be in nature and tend to run away from home from time to time. Thanks to his devotion to you and his home, even if he moves away from the house, he will definitely come back. Living in houses with gardens makes them very happy. But outside the house, the bird, insect and any living creature that attracts his attention can be caught. This is a result of his curious and watchful nature. It would be more appropriate to walk Laperm cats with cat collars .

It is not possible to lack interest and love in the care of Laperm cats, and you also need to play with them regularly. So it is imperative that you make time for these cats. It also takes some of the time you spend on her hair care. The fur of Laperm cats is not as sparse as other curly-haired cats. This is why these cats need brushing at least twice a week.