Maine Coon Cat Features and Care

The Maine Coon cat breed, which dates back to ancient times, is known for its large size. Maine Coon cats, a cat breed native to the North East of America, are not very common in our country. Although it is said to be a breed that emerged as a result of the cross between Norwegian Forest cats and local cats brought to the Americas by Norwegian sailors, the main origin story of Maine Coon cats is not known. These cats, which attract attention with their size and long hair, are as humane as can be expected from their appearance. Maine Coon cats, which are very talkative in addition to their surprisingly large size, fascinating bright fur, calm nature, loyalty and compassionate character traits, are not very active at home. 

Maine Coon Cat Features and Care

Maine Coon Cat General Characteristics

  • The northeastern United States is their homeland.
  • It is one of the largest cats in the world. The body lengths reach an average of one meter. Adult males weigh up to about 10 kilograms, while female Maine Coon cats weigh around 7 kilograms.
  • It is a long-haired cat breed. Their feathers can be almost any color. They usually have patterned feathers, not a single color.
  • They are cold-resistant animals due to their dense and thick fur.
  • Their eyes are round and their ears are erect.
  • They are late maturing cats. Between the ages of 3 and 5, the trunk structures are barely sitting.
  • They are calm creatures.
  • They are smart cats.
  • They are not very active. Exercise needs are moderate.
  • They are humane cats. They are very attached to their owners.
  • They are extremely kind and patient cats.
  • They get along well with other pets and children and also love to spend time with people.
  • They are chatty cats. They try to communicate with you by meowing and purring constantly.
  • There are no known genetic diseases. They are generally healthy cats.
  • They can live up to 17 years.

Maine Coon Cat Care

Maine Coon cats may be intimidating at first because they are very large cats, but they are very friendly and gentle creatures. The most important point in the care of these imposing cats, which are a complete family cat due to their patient nature and devotion to the people they live with, is their hair. Having very long and dense hair can make Maine Coon cats a little difficult to care for. Because Maine Coons don’t like to be bathed. It is not recommended to wash them anyway. But if you jump at least three times a week, that challenge will go away. The challenge of living with Maine Coons, like any long-haired cat, is also the job of grooming. If you want to have these cats, you need to take care of their hair care and cleaning.

The Maine Coon cat is not a very active breed compared to other cat breeds. These cats, whose exercise needs are moderate, like to go outside from time to time as they are resistant to the cold. They are very happy in houses with gardens. But since they are good hunters, they must be taken out in a controlled manner. Otherwise, they can go after anything they see as prey and get in trouble. For this reason, the cat leash  makes your work easier while walking them . 

Maine Coon cats tend to talk to people and other creatures. They communicate by making noise all the time and with the help of their intelligence, they try to explain their wishes to you.

Their dense and long hair makes these cats resistant to the cold, while also causing them to be overwhelmed in hot weather. These cats, which do not like hot weather and water very much, do not have any known hereditary disorders. Maine Coon cats, who are in good general health, are prone to obesity because they are not very active. For this reason, attention should be paid to their nutrition and their food should be given with measure from their smallness.