Munchkin Cat Breed Traits and Care

The most distinctive feature of the Munchkin cat, also called the sausage cat, is that its legs are very short compared to its body. Unexpectedly agile for their short legs, these cats are energetic and playful creatures. Their legs are short as a result of a genetic mutation, making Munchkin cats prone to certain bone and spine diseases. There is also an opinion that these animals are quite healthy. This disagreement is probably due to the different breeds of Munchkin cats. The fact that they continue to be produced due to their cute appearance is another matter of discussion. It is widely said that the homeland of Munchkin cats, whose health condition and short legs cause controversy, is the United States. But the Munchkins were actually first seen in England in the 1940s.


Munchkin Cat Breed General Characteristics

  • England is their homeland.
  • They are medium sized cats, but look more petite because of their legs. Their average weight is about 4 kilograms.
  • Their feathers can be of any color and pattern.
  • Their feathers differ in each type. Munchkin cats with long to medium hairs are available. Although their hair lengths are different, they are usually densely haired.
  • Their legs are short compared to their bodies. This is the result of genetic mutation.
  • They are very intelligent, curious and careful cats.
  • They are social animals. They get along well with other cats and pets.
  • They are animals that are attached to their owners and habitats.
  • They are quiet cats, they do not meow too much.
  • They are active and playful cats.
  • They are prone to weight gain and genetic bone diseases.
  • Their average lifespan is 15 years.

Munchkin Cat Breed Care

Munchkin cats look very innocent and very cute at first glance. This is because of their beautiful face, big round eyes and tiny legs. Don’t let their short legs fool you, they are very agile and energetic animals. Although they cannot jump as high as other cats, they can reach any height their legs allow. The energetic nature of these cats, which are prone to gaining weight, is a serious advantage for them. In order not to encounter obesity problems in the future, it would be appropriate not to speak up for the mischief of these cats.

Munchkin cats are very intelligent animals and you can easily play complex games with them. Because they learn very quickly thanks to their intelligence and curious nature. They love to play games, they want to play with all the creatures they live with. They are extremely friendly to people. They also get on well with other pets. So you can get him a playmate.

Since there are many types of Munchkin cats, their coat structure also differs from species to species. In other words, there are Munchkins with medium-length hair, as well as longer-haired ones. However, since almost all types are dense and soft-haired, their feather care should not be interrupted. In addition, cat vitamin paste should be given to them as they clean themselves by licking and swallow hair . In addition, cat malts will also protect the skin health of these cats by preventing the hair from clumping. Munchkin cats shed moderately, and their shedding rate increases as the seasons change.