Nebelung Cat Breed Characteristics and Care

A rare breed of cat, the Nebelung breed is known for being intelligent and active. These breeds, whose hair color and eyes are similar to Russian Blue cats, are very beautiful creatures with their medium-length gray hair and expressive eyes. Nebelung cats , which become indispensable animals when their striking physical features are combined with their good nature, are also very social. Although they may be distant towards strangers at first, they act very warmly when they get used to them. Even though they are not easy to care for, these very loved creatures are also fascinating with their intelligence. A new breed, Nebelungs, was discovered in the 1980s. The reason for their resemblance to Russian Blue cats is that they are descended from these cats.

Nebelung Cat Breed Characteristics and Care

Nebelung Cat Breed General Characteristics

  • Although it is a cat breed that is a descendant of Russian Blue cats, it was developed in Germany.
  • Its plumage is dark gray, close to blue, like its ancestors.
  • Its eyes are in shades of green, blue and yellow.
  • Their hair may be of medium length or shorter. Feather density is frequent.
  • They have muscular and strong legs and body structure.
  • They are medium sized cats. Whether they have undergone infertility surgery and living conditions also affect their weight. With a weight ranging from 4 to 10 kilograms, the males of Nebelung cats are larger than their females.
  • They are quiet cats, they do not meow too much.
  • They are social animals that love to receive attention and affection.
  • They are sensitive and get depressed quickly.
  • They are attached to their order, they do not like change.
  • They like to play but they are not naughty.
  • Cats are masters of climbing.
  • They should not be left alone for long periods of time.
  • They act cautiously until they get used to strangers.
  • They are not aggressive cats.
  • They are generally in good health. There are no known hereditary diseases.
  • They have an average lifespan of 15 years.

Nebelung Cat Breed Care

If you have plenty of time and are looking for a loving lap cat, Nebelung cats are for you. These species, which are very suitable for those who spend most of the day at home, enjoy being with their owners at any time. But the only downside is that they are quite jealous. Nebelungs are sensitive cats that get very upset when they don’t get attention from their owners. The way to cheer him up is to spend a lot of time playing with him. For this, we recommend that you buy cat toys for your Nebelung cat .

Dense, layered coats of Nebelung cats that increase their resistance to cold weather conditions should be combed at least twice a week. You can give them a bath once or twice a year. But the hair structure that comes into contact with water at more frequent intervals can be damaged. After you see how hard his frequent hairs dry after taking a bath, you will be convinced that it is appropriate to wash him at long intervals so that he does not get sick. Nebelung cats will not need a bath if you clean their ears frequently and wipe their eyes with a damp cotton swab.

This breed will have limited exercise space as they cannot adapt to living outside the home like Russian Blues. For this reason, these cats with a high tendency to gain weight should be fed very carefully, especially if they have had a sterilization operation. In other words, their nutrition programs should be controlled and they should be fed with quality grain – free cat food  and  light dry cat food .