Norwegian Forest Cat Traits and Care

The Norwegian forest cat, which is a cat with plenty of long hair in accordance with its origin in order to live healthily in the cold weather of Norway, is a pure cat breed. These beautiful creatures, which are considered one of Norway’s national values, are rare cats in the world. They were used centuries ago to hunt mice in homes and ships. Therefore, their hunting skills are more developed than other cats. At the same time, these cats, who have a sharp intelligence, impress everyone with their appearance. Another great feature of Norwegian Forest cats is their friendly nature.

Norwegian Forest Cat Traits and Care

Norwegian Forest Cat General Characteristics

  • Their homeland is Norway.
  • It is one of the pure cat breeds.
  • They are large cat breeds.
  • They can reach a weight of 10 kilograms.
  • They can have feathers of almost any color.
  • Their ears are erect and their ear tips are pointed.
  • It has a muscular and strong body.
  • They have very long and dense hair. These feathers allow them to live comfortably in Norway’s difficult weather conditions. In hot months, they shed their feathers to adapt to the season.
  • Their transition from kitten to adult is longer than other cat breeds. They can only reach adulthood at the age of 5 years.
  • They don’t meow too much.
  • They are not afraid of water and are adept at fishing in rivers.
  • They have a sharp mind. They are animals that are open to training.
  • They are picky about food and very meticulous about cleaning.
  • They are friendly cats. Their communication with people is very strong. But they can be a little shy at first meeting.
  • They may get bored of staying indoors for a long time. They love outdoor excursions.
  • They don’t like to be alone.
  • They are patient and adaptable creatures. They do not hesitate to associate with other pets.
  • They love to receive love and attention. Despite their size, they are a true lap cat.
  • They have an average lifespan of 15 years. With good care, this period can be longer.

Norwegian Forest Cat Care

The most distinctive feature of Norwegian Forest cats is that they have very long and dense, soft fur. These feathers allow them to adapt to the harsh weather conditions of Norway and maintain their health. The Norwegian forest cat sheds its fur to adapt to the conditions in the summer season and in warm habitats. While this may disturb some cat owners, the fact that their hair is so long that they need intensive hair care is a factor that makes their general care difficult. If his fur is not brushed at least twice a week, it can become knotted and clumped, preventing his skin from breathing. This can cause serious skin diseases. 

Norwegian forest cats do not like to be kept indoors all the time, an ancestral habit. If you want to adopt one of them, you should take it to your garden frequently, if you don’t have such an opportunity, you should put it on a leash and walk it around the green areas. These cats will follow you when they go out as they are loyal and compatible animals with their owners. It will be safe for them to wear a leash, because by their inquisitive and hunting nature, they can chase after anything they see. But do not be afraid, he will always find his home, which he is very attached to.

Another distinctive feature of Norwegian forest cats is that they are picky about food. These cats, who do not eat every food, are also very fond of cleaning. They may protest you by defecating out of the litter box if the litter is not cleaned regularly, as they want the food and water containers to be clean all the time.

Another feature of Norwegian forest cats that fascinates people as well as their beautiful and noble appearance is that they always try to show their loyalty and love to their owners. Unlike other cat breeds, the Norwegian forest cat, which likes to be hugged and physical contact very much, expects the same show of affection from its owners.