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Cat Tiffanie A black Tiffanie cat

Tiffany (Chantilly) Cat Traits and Care

The Tiffany cat, also known as Chantilly, which attracts the attention of cat lovers around the world with its long soft hair and beauty, was accepted as a separate cat breed in 1969 and started to be produced. Although the exact date of the emergence of these cats is not known, their names were hea…


Peterbald Cat Characteristics and Care

The Peterbald cat, which is classified as short-haired or even hairless cats, attracts attention with its different appearance and harmonious character. Although these interesting cats are hairless, they come from a cold country like Russia. This new breed, which was accepted as a separate…

soke kedisi

Soke Cat Features and Care

The Soke cat breed, an African cat, originated in Kenya. This cat breed, which is known worldwide after it was brought to Europe from Kenya, was only accepted as a separate breed in 1992. In fact, the Soke cat, which was discovered by chance in Kenya many years ago, is thoug…

javanese kedisi 006

Javanese Cat Breed Traits and Care

Attracting attention with their long furry tails and faint dark spots resembling Siamese cats on their faces, Javanese cats are highly intelligent creatures. The homeland of this breed, which is obtained by crossing Siamese cats and Balinese cats, is Bali, an island in Indonesia. They take…

colorpoint1 1

Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Features and Care

The Colorpoint Shorthair cat, which is related to Siamese cats, also has its origins in the Abyssinian and American Shorthairs. Based on cats. The prominent dark spot around the eyes and nose and ears of Siamese cats may be more subtle in Colorpoint Shorthair cats. Colorpoin…

japenesebobtail1 2

Japenese Bobtail Characteristics and Care

Being an excellent hunter as well as their intelligence and willingness to learn, Japanese Bobtail cats attract attention with their short and curved tails. This cat breed, also known as the Japanese Bobtail, was accepted as a separate breed in 1968. They are among the rarest cats in the w…


Ragamuffin Characteristics and Care

Ragamuffin cats, which have managed to become one of the largest cat breeds in the world, are related to Ragdoll cats. Originating in the United States, like Ragdoll cats, Ragamuffin cats, like their relatives, are an unnatural breed bred with human hands. Ragamuffin cats began to be bred …


Chausie Cat Breed Traits and Care

Resembling a wild cat with its large ears, short fur and sturdy body, the Chausie is a new cat breed that was accepted as a separate breed in 1995. There are different opinions on the origins of the Chausie cats. According to one view, the ancestors of these cats were the local cats of Fra…


American Shorthair Characteristics and Care

The American Shorthair, which is one of the very old domestic cat breeds, got this name because it was brought to the United States and is very popular here, although it originated in England. These cats, which are related to British Shorthair cats, owe their fame to their trips from England to…

bambino cat 2

Bambino Cat Breed Features and Care

Bambino cats emerged by crossing the Sphinx and Munchkin cat breeds. This interesting combination eventually led to the discovery of a new breed with very cute and unique physical characteristics. Bambinos are hairless like their ancestors Sphinx and short-legged like Munchkin cats. B…


Ocicat Cat Breed Traits and Care

Ocicat cats, which resemble wild cats with their patterns, do not belong to a pure cat breed. Their ancestors are Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shortair cats. Ocicats, which were accepted as a cat breed in their own right in 1987, were discovered in the United States. These cats go…

Egyptian Mau Traits and Care

Egyptian Mau Traits and Care

The Egyptian Mau resembles a wild cat with its leopard-like fur and athletic one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. A rare and valuable breed, they were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt. The origins of the Egyptian Maus, which is thought to be depicted in the histor…

Nebelung Cat Breed Characteristics and Care

Nebelung Cat Breed Characteristics and Care

A rare breed of cat, the Nebelung breed is known for being intelligent and active. These breeds, whose hair color and eyes are similar to Russian Blue cats, are very beautiful creatures with their medium-length gray hair and expressive eyes. Nebelung cats , which become indispensable …

Savannah Cat Traits and Care 1

Savannah Cat Traits and Care

Savannah cats, which attract attention with their wild appearance, flawlessly beautiful fur and large size , are one of the most valuable creatures in the world. African Serval , a wild cat speciesIt is a new species that emerged by crossing a local African cat with a local …

Differences Between Male Cat and Female Cat

Differences Between Male Cat and Female Cat

Cats show physical and psychological differences according to their gender. Gender determines character traits in cats, as in most other creatures. But it should not be forgotten that the character structure of cats also changes according to their breed, the environment they live in, how t…


Donskoy Cat Characteristics and Care

The Donskoy cat breed is a new breed of cat discovered in Donskoy, Russia in the 1980s. These cats, which fall into the class of hairless cats such as Devon Rex and Sphinx cats, are also known as Hairless Russian Cats. It is a rare breed of cat in the world. Another characteristic fea…


Kashmiri (Kashmir) Cat Traits and Care

Kashmiri (Kashmir) cats, named after a state of India, is a cat breed that emerged by chance. Kashmiri cats, which are not known for how long they have been on earth, show similar characteristics with Persian cats . The faces of Kashmiri cats are also flat like Persian cats …


Laperm Cat Features and Care

The Laperm cat, named for its curly coat, was discovered by accident in North America. Laperm cats, a new type of cat, were recognized in a short time, loved and spread throughout the world. It is a very unknown cat breed in our country, they are quite good-natured and cheerful. You w…


Munchkin Cat Breed Traits and Care

The most distinctive feature of the Munchkin cat, also called the sausage cat, is that its legs are very short compared to its body. Unexpectedly agile for their short legs, these cats are energetic and playful creatures. Their legs are short as a result of a genetic mutation, making Munch…


Features and Care of Sarman Cats

Not a cat breed in its own right, Sarmans are classified cats because of their coat color. In other words, it is possible to come across Sarman cats in different cat breeds. But mostly in tabby cats It coincides with the Sarmans. For this reason, Sarmans, which are perceived as a…


Somali Cat Traits and Care

Somali cats, which have been popular in the world since the 19th century, are well known in our country. Having a striking appearance with their long hair and large beautiful eyes, Somali cats are descendants of Abyssinian cats. The fur of the Somali cat is patterned like tabby c…

pixie bob ozellikleri

Pixie Bob Cat Breed Care and Features

Pixie Bob, a new cat breed, short tailAlso called. Discovered in North America in 1985, the Pixie Bob cat breed is the result of mating domestic cats and lynxes. Very popular in the northern states of the United States, Pixie Bob cats are distinguished from other cat breeds by their s…


Chartreux Cat Features and Care

The Chartreux cat, which draws attention with its smokey color, soft fur and dark orange big eyes, cannot fully pay off this attention even though it is exposed to a lot of attention thanks to its cuteness and different physical features. Chartreux cats, being cautious cats, are wary of people …

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Features and Care

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Features and Care

The Selkirk Rex cat breed attracts attention with its curly hair. Even their whiskers are curly, these cats have thick fur and soft fur. These cats, which are very popular in the world, are a fairly new breed of cat. In addition to their different feather structures, they are famous f…


Siberian Forest Cat Features and Care

The Siberian Forest cat, also known as the Siberian cat, is one of the largest known domestic cats in the world. Siberian Forest cats, which are also one of the oldest cats in the world, are thought to have been on earth for over a thousand years. Since the wild forests of Siberia, which i…

american curl kedisi

American Curl Cat Features and Care

American Curl cats, which have a history of only 20 years, take their name from their curved ears. Their biggest physical difference from other cats is these characteristic ears, which seem to be curved inwards. As it is known, the hearing abilities of cats are very developed, but the…

Maine Coon Cat Features and Care

Maine Coon Cat Features and Care

The Maine Coon cat breed, which dates back to ancient times, is known for its large size. Maine Coon cats, a cat breed native to the North East of America, are not very common in our country. Although it is said to be a breed that emerged as a result of the cross between Norwegia…

Ragdoll Cat Features and Care

Ragdoll Cat Features and Care

Discovered in the 1960s in the state of California, USA, Ragdoll cats are a very intelligent cat breed and can easily learn anything that other cat breeds have difficulty learning. These cats, who get on very well with people and are very attached to their owners, are also known for their beaut…

Manx Cat Features and Care

Manx Cat Features and Care

Named after the Isle of Man, Manx cats are known for being tailless. This feature is actually the result of a genetic disorder. Manxes, whose tails do not develop due to inflammation in their tails, are divided into species according to their tail lengths. Almost tailless, Rumpy …

Burmese Characteristics and Care

Burmese Characteristics and Care

Burmese Cat, known as the temple cat, Burma; that is of Myanmar origin. These animals, known as “Holy cats” residing in Buddhist temples, have a magical beauty. Burmese cats, believed by Buddhist monks to be able to converse with the gods of death, became known in Europe a…

Australian Mist Cat Characteristics and Care

Australian Mist Cat Characteristics and Care

Australian Mist cats, which are a hybrid of Burmese and Abyssinian cats and carry the genes of many other cat species, are named after the country where they originated. These cute creatures originating from Australia were recognized all over the world as a cat breed in 2011. Australian Mi…

America Cheetah The American Keuda Cat

America’s Cheetah: The American Keuda Cat

The American Keuda cat, which can run fast like a cheetah thanks to its flexible legs, was discovered in the 1980s. Some breeds of these agile cats, whose homeland is South America, are like miniature cheetahs with their striped patterns, apart from being very agile. American Keuda cats, w…

Balinese Cat Traits and Care

Balinese Cat Traits and Care

Known for their resemblance to Siamese cats, Balinese cats have won the hearts of animal lovers with their beautiful bright eyes, energetic nature, playfulness and soft long hair. The Balinese cat, named after the islands of Bali, is actually a different breed of Siamese cats. Balinese cat…

Russian Blue Cat Traits and Care

Russian Blue Cat Traits and Care

Known for their characteristic hair color, striking green eyes and resistance to cold and diseases, Russian Blue cats are extremely beautiful and noble animals. Russian BlueThese cats, which are called so called, are covered with two layers of hair because they are of Russian origin. There…

British Shorthair Cat Features and Care

British Shorthair Cat Features and Care

British Shorthair cats, which started to be produced in England in the 19th century, have a long history. Known for their beauty, British Shorthairs were quite common in England at that time. Since they were introduced to the world through competitions and shows, they have become one of th…

Persian Cat Features and Care

Persian Cat Features and Care

One of the oldest cat breeds, the Persian cat, despite its sharp intelligence, is a very popular breed because of its calmness, devotion to its owner, characteristic face and soft fur. Persian cat or Persie homeland, also known as Persian cats, as its name suggests, is Iran.&nbsp…

American Bobtail Characteristics and Care

American Bobtail Characteristics and Care

American Bobtail cats, which are likened to dogs with their behavior, are very attached and docile animals to their owners. They have also become the favorite of dog lovers because they are trainable, can establish very good relationships with other animal breeds and people, and love to walk on…

Bombay Cat Traits and Care

Bombay Cat Traits and Care

Bombay cat has the distinction of being the blackest cat among cats   .  After the cat matures, its coat is black, short, tight and extremely shiny.  Even the paw pads are black. Bombay cat; It is a small, muscular cat and deceptively heavy…

Hairless Cat Sphinx Care and Features

Hairless Cat-Sphinx Care and Features

Hairless cat – The Sphinx cat is one of the few hairless cat breeds. Its homeland is Canada. Contrary to its harsh appearance, it is a calm, warm-blooded and friendly cat breed towards its owner. Average lifespan is 9-10 years, but can live up to 14-15 years …

Tuxedo Cat Tuxedo Features and Care

Tuxedo Cat (Tuxedo) Features and Care

Tuxedo- Tuxedo cats can come in a variety of colors and patterns. S iyah and fur white mixture. At the same time, it is a cat that is ingrained in the character of ambition and independence. The tuxedo cat is not a cat breed. But cats of this color have personality that…

Scottish Fold Features and Care

Scottish Fold Features and Care

Scottish Fold cat; It was noticed by William Ross, who was a farmer in Scotland in 1961. In 1966, the Scottish fold, which differed from other cats with its unique ear structure, was recognized as a cat breed by international organizations. One of its ancestors is a British short…

Siamese Cat Care and Features2

Siamese Cat Care and Features

The Siamese cat is a noble cat breed that was fed in divine temples in Siam, known as Thailand, and spread to the world from this region. The Siamese cat got its name from the region where it originated. Its Thai name is Wichien Maat. The increase in the awareness of the breed, which …

Van Cat Features and Care

Van Cat Features and Care

The lively Van Cat, who can’t stand still with its playful and curious character; It is in the first place among the cat breeds that are wanted to be looked after as a domestic cat. Due to its high demand, its price is quite high. If you do not have the opportunity to buy it, yo…

York Chocalate Features and Care

York Chocalate Features and Care

The York Chocate cat has taken its place among the international cat breeds purely by chance and interest. Janet Chiefari , a goat farmer, begins to love and feed this cat that lives around her farm. Over time, he realizes that the color and behavior of the cat is unique.&nb…

Abyssinian Appearance

Abyssinian Cat Features and Care

Abyssinian Appearance The Abyssinian cat is a slender, medium-sized cat.  Its head is moderately triangular, there is a slight break towards the tip of its nose, and when the nose and chin are viewed in profile, we can observe that an ideally straight vertical line is formed. They hav…

Eye Burrs in Cats

Eye Burrs in Cats

The most sensitive organs of cats, which are very resistant animals in terms of their resistance to diseases, are their stomachs and eyes. While stomach problems can be solved with proper nutrition and dry food consumption, cats may need special care to maintain their eye health. Eye burrs…

Ways to Lose Weight for Obese Overweight Cats

Ways to Lose Weight for Obese (Overweight) Cats

Exceeding the ideal weight and obesity in cats are very common, especially after infertility surgery. Being overweight and continuing to gain weight will eventually lead to obesity. For this reason, if your cat is overweight for its breed, gender and age, you should take immediate action.&…


Why Do Cats Scratch?

Scratching behavior is one of the main problems that cat owners experience with their cats. Cats often scratch not only the people they live with but also the things in the house. While scratching is a very natural and instinctive behavior for cats, it is an annoying situation for cat owne…

Behavior Disorders in Cats and Their Solution

Behavior Disorders in Cats and Their Solution

Cats are not difficult to socialize like their wild ancestors. Cats, who have started to communicate with their environment and the creatures they live in, are sensitive and sensitive animals to human emotions. They get stressed just like us, and certain situations they are exposed to can …

Cat Fever Symptoms and Treatment Methods

Cat Fever Symptoms and Treatment Methods

Even though cats living in houses are very durable because they are well cared for, they can be prone to certain diseases like every living thing. One of the most common ailments in cats is cat fever. Cats can catch a cold just like us, and they are contagious. Although cat cold is a …


How to Identify Fake Cat and Dog Food?

Especially in recent years, counterfeiting incidents in cat and dog foods have started to be encountered frequently. Counterfeiting, which is mostly seen in foods sold over the internet, can cause serious health problems in our pet friends. Even if there is no health problem, foods that do…

The 5 Largest Pet Cat Breeds in the World

The 5 Largest Pet Cat Breeds in the World

Domestic cats are creatures with very small dimensions compared to their ancestors, wild cats. The average domestic cat’s height ranges from 20 to 25 centimeters, while its weight is around 5 kilograms. However, some species of these creatures, which fascinate us with their unique ch…

What Do Cat Whiskers Do

What Do Cat Whiskers Do?

Cats are special creatures in every way . Cats, which attract attention with their interesting movements and unique character structures, have many striking features. One of the physical qualities of cats that surprises people is their whiskers. Whiskers are a must in e…

Ways to Protect Cats from Domestic Accidents

Ways to Protect Cats from Domestic Accidents

You know that cats are very curious creatures. This curiosity can often create a job for cats, but it can also expose them to accidents with dangerous consequences. It is up to us as cat owners to prevent these accidents and ensure the safety of our lovely housemate. Although cats are…

Things to Do for Cats to Live Longer

Things to Do for Cats to Live Longer

Cats are one of the most widely fed pets in the world. Especially in recent years, the rate of cat ownership has increased significantly and these cute animals have turned into people’s closest friends and most loyal housemates. Like every living thing, cats have a lifespan, and unfo…

Cat Biting Problem and Solution

Cat Biting Problem and Solution

Biting in cats is a very common behavior, and kittens in particular tend to bite their owners profusely. As there are many different reasons for this instinctive behavior of cats, the biting problem can be minimized or eliminated with a little patience and effort. Biting, which is an insti…

Why Should Cats Be Neutered

Why Should Cats Be Neutered?

When you adopt a cat, other responsibilities await you in addition to taking your cat into a proper nutrition program and taking care of its mouth, feathers and teeth. In order for your cat to have a healthy and long life, it should be neutered as well as vaccinated without interruption. C…

Points to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

Points to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

Although sharing a house with a cat is an enjoyable process, actually owning a cat requires a serious responsibility. As a result, cats, like every living thing, want to have the minimum living conditions suitable for them and to be cared for. However, not all cat owners are ready to take …

Pregnancy and Birth Process in Cats

Pregnancy and Birth Process in Cats

Pregnancy Process in Cats Since cats are mammals, they reproduce by going through a certain gestation period. When a cat is approximately 9 months old, its body is ready for reproduction. This period may decrease to 6 months or increase to 12 months, depending on the breed and living condi…

Most Popular Female and Male Cat Name Suggestions

Most Popular Female and Male Cat Name Suggestions (Comprehensive List)

Looking for a name for your newly adopted cat? Having trouble naming your cat? With the beautiful cat names we will share with you, you can easily find a name that will suit your cat and complement it. Here is our guide to cat names! How Should I Name My Cat? …

how cats show love

How Do Cats See the World?

Cats are interesting and different creatures in every way. Perhaps the most striking aspect of cats, which make people love themselves with their cute movements, unique character structures and beauties, is their eyes. Cat’s eyes are both very beautiful and have a different look.&nbs…

Tooth Loss and Detailed Dental Care in Cats

Tooth Loss and Detailed Dental Care in Cats

One of the most common ailments in cats is tooth and gum problems. As cats get older, dental problems increase. This causes tooth loss. You need to prevent these problems by taking care of your cat’s teeth. Observing your cat’s teeth is important for detecting the pro…

Considerations When Taking Cats to the Veterinarian

Considerations When Taking Cats to the Veterinarian

Cats are highly habituated creatures. Let alone leaving their home, even the change of place of a small item in the house surprises them. Commonly Norwegian Forest cats , Siberian cats and Maine Coon cats. Almost no cat breeds are not very eager to go out of the ho…

How to Cut a Cat Nail

How to Cut a Cat Nail?

One of the most difficult points for cat owners in cat care is to care for their cats’ nails. Cats have long nails, which means they damage household items and scratch and injure their hands while playing with their owners, but that’s not the real problem. If you don’t tr…

How to Wash a Cat

How to Wash a Cat?

Cats are known to be meticulous animals. Almost every cat spends most of the day cleaning itself, except for sleeping and playing hours. Therefore , it is not necessary to bathe cats other than almost hairless cat breeds such as Sphinx and Devon Rex cats. Whil…

Foods Cats Shouldnt Eat

Foods Cats Shouldn’t Eat

Cats; Although they are animals that are quite resistant to pain, pain and diseases, they are susceptible to allergies and their stomachs are sensitive. For this reason, certain foods should never be given to cats. Being curious animals, cats due to their stubborn nature will want to …

Surprising Facts About Ca

Surprising Facts About Cats

Cats are interesting and cute creatures that attract attention with their physical features and unique character structures. Cats are known for displaying very different behaviors from other animals. Those who live with these curious creatures know that cats can surprise you at any moment by doing s…

Why Do Cats Want to Sleep With Their Owners

Why Do Cats Want to Sleep With Their Owners?

Cats want to sleep with their owners from the first day they come home. Even if you buy cat houses, cat cushions, and special cat beds for them, while you sleep on these products during the day, when you go to bed to sleep, they will definitely go to bed and fall asleep before you by…&nb…

Cleaning Methods in Houses With Pets

Cleaning Methods in Houses With Pets

Although it is very pleasant to live with our pet friends, it significantly increases your responsibility at home. No matter how short and few your pets’ hairs are, no matter how clean you keep your house, you can’t prevent the hairs flying all over the house. In addition to fe…

What is Cat Purr

Why Do Cats Purr? Cat growling and its Causes

Cat owners have noticed that their cats make a rumbling sound by emitting a vibration from time to time without moving their mouths. Sometimes you hear the same sound while eating, sometimes when you touch it, sometimes when playing games. You may have even seen that your cat emits this st…

Why Do Cats Vomit

Why Do Cats Vomit?

Cat owners know how enjoyable it is to live with a cat. Cats are both very cute and very different animals with their unique characters, acting and communication with people. They also have a type of behavior not uncommon in other animals; to vomit! They often show vomiting refle…

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How Do I Calculate My Cat’s Age?

One of the most curious points of cat owners is how to calculate the age of the cat. Since cats have a shorter lifespan than humans and their development is different from us, we are curious about their age and we want to continue to care for them accordingly. Even if you witness the birth…

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Eye Diseases and Symptoms in Cats

Eye Diseases in Cats Cats are known as hardy animals. The most sensitive parts of these powerful animals are their eyes and stomachs. In other words, the food and foods that cats eat should be chosen very carefully. In addition, it is essential to pay attention to the eye health of ca…

Birth Process in Cats and What You Need to Do

Birth Process in Cats and What You Need to Do

Cats intuitively know how to handle pregnancy and are mostly self-sufficient. However, you can help the future mother be as comfortable as possible and help her in her quest to bring healthy kittens into this world.  If your cat is pregnant and you are experiencing this for the first time,…

How Many Years Do Cats Live

How Many Years Do Cats Live?

It may take time to understand your cat and describe its behavior.  Our adorable friends  have complex behaviors that can baffle even the most experienced cat owner. However, the only question that can be answered definitively is how long a cat can live on average. In this a…

Is Dandruff in Cats a Serious Problem

Is Dandruff in Cats a Serious Problem?

Dandruff in cats is an annoying disease. It is not serious most of the time but requires medical attention and care. Especially the white scales that appear during the scan and spread around and observed on the sofas and clothes are disturbing for cat owners. Of course, the itching an…

Cat Vaccination Schedule

Cat Vaccination Schedule

Cats don’t actually have nine lives, so you need to do everything you can to protect them.  Key?  Getting the right vaccinations on time.  Vaccines  protect your cat from diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.  They can also strengthen the im…

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Neutering in Cats

Neutering is a surgical procedure to prevent your cat from breeding. In females, this is called ‘ spaying ‘. In men, it is called ‘ castration ‘. Because the reproductive organs are different, they are named with differen…

How to Find a Lost Cat

How to Find a Lost Cat

Can’t find your sweet friend, the fluff ball, despite looking everywhere? Don’t panic and start shouting your name out loud. Look calmly in the dark corners of the house, inside the cupboards, under the armpits. If you can’t find it, your cat may be lost. It is diffi…

Cat Behaviors and Meanings

Cat Behaviors and Meanings

Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or your long-term feline friend, there will be times when you want to know what your cat is thinking. Understanding Cats Body Language Sometimes you may be wondering about a change in your cat’s behavior and what it means. How can you …

Do Cats Get Cold

Do Cats Get Cold?

One of the reasons a cat feels nice and warm when petted is because their regular body temperature is two degrees higher than a human’s.  However, this natural warmth does not mean that cats are unaffected by the cold. Why Do Cats Love the Heat? You can see a cat lying in the sun, ev…

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How to Remove Cat Litter Smell?

The smell of cat urine is one of the most common complaints of the owners of these cute friends. These cute furry friends are very clean creatures that take care of themselves. The reason why they constantly lick themselves during the day is actually for cleaning purposes. Cats’…


What Should You Consider When Choosing a Cat Toy?

Cat toy is very important for the health and happiness of your lovely friend. The toy you choose will help your furry friend both for education and for stress relief. Anyone who has a cat in their home knows that cats are very curious. For this reason, your preference should be for a colorful a…

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Things to Know About Health

Things to Know About Health The heart is the hardest working organ in our body. The heart of a 75-year-old person beats three billion times. Eating breakfast and dinner at restaurants doubles the risk of obesity. Your salad, which you decorate with sauces, may cause you to gain more weight than the …

1200x627 mide siskinligine ne iyi gelir mide siskinligi neden olur nasil gecer 1584369238294

Causes of Stomach Bloating and Methods of Home Solution

Stomach bloating, which is one of the health problems that people face in their daily life, has become a condition that many people complain about. We did a detailed study on gastric bloating, a type of disease that negatively affects a person’s social life. In this content, we will present th…

orange cat in cone after spay surgery

How Long Does a Neutered Cat Heal?

Spayed cat and dog recovery time? The wounds of most average cats and dogs take fourteen days to heal. This period is also related to the extent to which people show interest in the healing process. You should consider that your pet will be restricted in movement after surgery. When you dream of you…

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How to feed the little kitten?

How to feed a kitten at home? Daily weight gain is an indication that the diet is meeting the nutritional needs of the kittens. You need to weigh the kittens at the same time each day to not only ensure adequate weight gain, but also to calculate the amount they should eat at each feeding.&nbsp…

Calico cat

Is Calico a tabby cat?

There are important differences between tabby cats and calico cats. The main difference is in their coloring. These patterns can occur in many different breeds, which means that not all tabby cats and calico cats are at least the same. Alright; Is the calico cat a tabby? The only…

Abnormal Breathing in Cats

Causes of Abnormal Breathing in Cats

Abnormal Breathing in Cats What does frequent panting mean in cats? Intermittent breathing is something we are used to from dogs. This can also be seen in cats. In which situations is frequent breathing normal in cats? Sometimes, frequent panting in cats is physiological and is not a cause for conce…

Feline Calicivirus

Feline Calicivirus: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Feline Calicivirus – Symptoms and Treatment Don’t know what Feline Calicivirus is? It is an infectious disease that mostly affects large feline colonies. but domestic cats can also spread it. Therefore, you must be informed and prepared to protect your pet! we tell you What is feline cal…

Anal Sac in Cats

What is Anal Scrub Cleaning in Cats and Dogs and How Should It Be Done?

Anal Sac in Cats Cat and dog care should not be reduced to just cutting their nails, combing their hair and cleaning their ears. It is important to regularly care for the anal sac in dogs and cats and to seek the help of veterinarians when necessary. If the anal sacs on both sides of the anal&hellip…

What is Adequate and Balanced Nutrition?

Nutrition and Health
Nutrition and Health

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Adequate and Balanced Nutrition is the Foundation of Health.

Nutrition and Health is not to suppress the feeling of hunger, to fill the stomach or to eat what you want.

Nutrition; It is a behavior that should be done consciously in order to take the nutrients needed by the body in sufficient quantities and at appropriate times in order to protect, improve health and improve the quality of life.

Malnutrition occurs when nutrients cannot be taken at the level the body needs.

Humans need about 50 nutrients for their life. It has been determined how much of each of these elements should be taken daily in order for a person to grow and develop healthy and to live a long time as healthy and productive.

When any of these items are not taken, when taken more or less than necessary, growth and development are prevented and health is deteriorated. This condition   is called Unbalanced Nutrition .

In the prevention of unbalanced nutrition, it is of great importance to gain awareness of healthy nutrition through nutrition education.

Persons with Sufficient and Balanced Nutrition

  • It looks solid and healthy.
  • A mobile and flexible body,
  • A neat skin, lively and shiny hair and eyes,
  • Strong, normally developed muscles,
  • Willingness to work,
  • Body weight appropriate for height,
  • Normal mental development
  • He is not often sick.

Those who are malnourished and unbalanced;

  • His movements are slow and reluctant
  • Unhealthy general appearance (extremely thin or obese)
  • Rough, dry, unhealthy skin structure,
  • Fat or weak body structure,
  • complaining of frequent headaches
  • It has an appetite, tired, reluctant structure.

Basic Food Groups

Meat-Egg-Legumes Group

Foods in this group:

There are foods such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dry beans, chickpeas, lentils. Oil seeds such as walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts are also included in this group.

Important Nutrients Contained:

It contains protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, B6, B12, B1 and vitamin A, fiber (legumes

Major Duties:

  • They provide nutrients that are involved in cell regeneration, tissue repair and vision function.
  • The most important nutrients involved in blood production are provided by this group.
  • Nutrients involved in nervous, digestive system and skin health are mostly found in this group.
  • It is the most important food group that has a role in gaining resistance against diseases.


  • Meats are a good source of quality protein. It must be included in the diet, especially during infancy and childhood, when the protein requirement increases and rapid growth occurs. Meat-chicken-fish-turkey should be consumed as much as 2-3 meatballs per day.
  • Since the meat itself contains protein, it should be eaten itself rather than its juice.
  • Since fatty meats have higher saturated fat and cholesterol content, those with diseases such as coronary artery disease, diabetes and hypertension should prefer lean red meat and skinless white meat (chicken, turkey) and fish under the control of a dietitian.
  • Fish should be eaten at least 2 times a week  for a healthy diet, as it has high omega-3 (n-3) content  .
  • When consuming meat products such as salami and sausages, a food rich in vitamin C and E should be included. Since these foods are high in fat, they should be consumed in a limited way.
  • Meat that has passed veterinary control should be consumed. Illegal cut meat can carry disease factors, it should be consumed after cooking thoroughly.
  • In cooking, methods such as boiling and grilling should be preferred, and frying should be avoided. Meat should not add fat to the dish.
  • While grilling the meat, the distance between the meat and the fire should be adjusted in such a way that it does not burn the meat and does not cause charring, otherwise cancer-causing substances are formed. For the same reason, meat should not be cooked at very high temperatures for a long time.
  • It should be purchased from reliable places; If it is not to be consumed immediately, it should be stored in the cold or in the freezer. 


  • Because of its high protein quality, it is  beneficial to consume  one daily by infants and children  .
  • In diseases such as kidney and liver failure, where the amount of protein in the diet is limited, eggs are an important protein source due to their sample protein content.
  • Since microorganisms easily pass through the shells of the eggs, especially the whites should be cooked well and consumed.
  • Uncooked (raw) eggs should not be consumed.
  • Cardiovascular patients can eat eggs 1-2 times a week.
  • Non-meat eaters can eat eggs as a meat option. One egg is equal to the size of an egg in terms of nutritional value.
  • If the egg is eaten with vegetables and grains, it will not have a negative effect on blood cholesterol.
  • The lecithin in the egg helps to regulate brain functions.
  • When purchasing, clean, cracked and unbroken eggs should be selected and stored in the refrigerator without washing.
  • If the egg is stale and cooked for a long time, a green ferric sulfide ring forms around the yolk. For this reason, fresh eggs should be consumed and the boiling time should be limited to 8 minutes after the water starts to boil for hard-boiled eggs.

Dry beans

  • Due to its high fiber content and low fat content, it should be frequently included in the diet of cardiovascular and diabetes patients.
  • It is  recommended to consume especially dried legumes  2-3 times a week .
  • It should be consumed with grains to increase protein quality.
  • Gas-forming effects can be minimized by soaking and cooking well. Cooking water should never be spilled.
  • In terms of the usefulness of the minerals in its composition, it should be consumed with foods rich in vitamin C.

Oily seeds

  • Oily seeds; Foods rich in B group vitamins, minerals, fat and protein. However, since oil seeds contain more oil than other nutrients, attention should be paid to their consumption. It is beneficial to include it in the diet of children and those who work hard.
  • In adequate and balanced nutrition, the daily amount should be   15-20 pieces 0 gr) in hazelnuts or 5-6 pieces 0gr) in walnuts  .
  • When storing at home, the shelled and deshelled ones should not be kept together, they should be stored in a moisture-free and cool environment.

Vegetable and Fruit Groups

Foods in this group

All kinds of edible parts of plants are gathered under the vegetable and fruit group.

Important Nutrients Contained:

They are rich in minerals and vitamins. They are rich in folic acid, beta-carotene, which is the precursor of vitamin A, vitamins E, C, B2, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, fiber and other compounds with antioxidant properties.

Major Duties:

  • They aid growth and development.
  • They provide cell regeneration and tissue repair.
  • They contain essential elements for skin and eye health.
  • They protect the health of teeth and gums.
  • They are rich in elements that take part in blood production.
  • They are effective in the formation of resistance against diseases.
  • They provide a feeling of satiety.
  • They reduce the risk of obesity and chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, some types of cancer) due to unbalanced nutrition.
  • They help the intestines to work regularly.

Suggestions for the Vegetable and Fruit Group

Consume vegetables of various colors and types. Since different vegetables contain different nutrients, the vegetables consumed during the day should be diversified. In one day, dark yellow vegetables (carrots, potatoes), dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, curly chard, purslane, broccoli, etc.), starchy vegetables (potatoes, peas) and other vegetables (tomatoes, onions, green beans) It should be consumed in a balanced way.

Fruits are also different in terms of the nutrients they contain and the amount. Therefore, diversity should be ensured in their consumption. Generally, citrus and strawberries are rich in vitamin C, cherries, black grapes, black mulberry and other antioxidants; Fruits such as bananas and apples are rich in potassium.

It  is recommended to consume at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in season, when they are abundant and cheap, in terms of their nutritional value and being economical  .

E.g ;

1 serving of fruit = 1 medium apple or 1 medium orange or 1 large tangerine

1 serving of vegetables = 4-5 tablespoons of vegetable food or 1 bowl of salad

Cooking Principles

  • Prefer to consume vegetables and fruits raw. Do not peel the edible skins. If you must peel it, peel it as thinly as possible. Many vitamins and minerals are found in the outer leaves of vegetables and fruits, in the bark or just below the bark, with less density in the interior.
  • Fresh vegetables should be sorted first, washed thoroughly under plenty of running water, then chopped and cooked with enough water.
  • When washing vegetables, it is necessary not to leave them in water for a long time. During soaking, some vitamins dissolve in water and their nutritional value may decrease.
  • It is necessary to cut vegetables immediately before cooking and into large pieces. Less contact with the surface reduces vitamin loss.
  • Before the vegetables are chopped, the hot mixture in which they will be cooked should be prepared. For this, a mixture of oil, onion, tomato paste and, if necessary, water is added. During the time until boiling, the vegetables are chopped, added to the hot mixture and cooked.
  • Green leafy vegetables have a very high water content. For this reason, it can be cooked without adding any water or without water at temperatures that can preserve water. The more water in the vegetable dish, the greater the loss of vitamins.
  • It is necessary to cook vegetables as soon as possible and in a way that their vitality is preserved. Some vitamins, such as B vitamins and vitamin C, are easily lost by heat.
  • While cooking vegetables and fruits, the lid of the pot should be kept closed. Thus, the steam will not be lost and the cooking time will be shortened.
  • The boiling water of vegetables should never be poured. If it is spilled, since most of the water-soluble vitamins (vitamin C, B2, folic acid, etc.) are transferred to the water, the nutritional value will be lost too much.
  • The cooking juice of vegetables can be added to soups, dishes and sauces.
  • Soda should never be added while vegetables are being cooked. The soda added during cooking gives the vegetables a greener color, but it also causes losses in some vitamins.
  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables as a whole instead of consuming their juices, as well as eating edible fruits with their peels increase the consumption of pulp. 

Increases the amount of solanine (an alkaloid) substance, which is located near the peel and has a toxic effect in germinated potatoes. Therefore, potatoes should be protected from germination. Excessively germinated potatoes should not be consumed. Solanine poisoning occurs with symptoms such as digestive system disorders, sweating and weakness.

Bread and Grain Group

Foods in this group

Cereals such as wheat, rice, corn, rye and oats and flour, bulgur, cracked wheat, cereals and similar products made from them are included in this group.

Important Nutrients It Contains and Their Main Functions:

Cereals and cereal products are important nutrients for health because they contain vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates (starch, fiber) and other nutrients. Cereals also contain protein. Although the quality of this protein is low, protein quality can be increased when consumed with foods such as legumes or meat, milk, eggs. Cereals also contain some fat. The oil of cereal grains is rich in vitamin E. With the elements showing vitamin A activity in cereals, vitamin C is almost absent. Cereals are rich in B group vitamins except B12, especially vitamin B1 (thiamine) is the best source. These vitamins are mostly found in the shell and core of cereal grains. They are rich in minerals and vitamins. Folic acid, beta-carotene, which is the precursor of vitamin A, vitamins E, C, B2, calcium, potassium, iron,

Suggestions for Bread and Grain Group

  1. Consume whole grain products.
  2. The amount to be consumed varies according to the weight and physical work status of the individual. While 3 thin slices of bread (75 g) per day is sufficient for less active, obese individuals, thin individuals and those who work hard can eat 3-5 times this amount.
  3. 6 servings of whole grain products  (6 slices of bread or 3 slices of bread, 1 scoop of flour soup, 4 tablespoons of rice) can be consumed per day. Those who work hard and have high energy needs can consume more from this group.
  4. Consume with other foods (legumes, milk and products) to increase protein and vitamin content.

Nutrition in Age Periods

Health problems that may be encountered due to inadequate and unbalanced nutrition at any period of the life cycle closely affect the health status, productivity, productivity, quality of life of individuals, as well as health expenditures and manpower use.

For this reason, adequate and balanced nutrition is very important in every age period. Nutrition is not to suppress the feeling of hunger, to fill the stomach or to eat what you want. Nutrition; It is a conscious action that should be taken in order to take the nutrients needed by the body in sufficient quantities and at appropriate times in order to protect health, improve health and improve the quality of life. Especially in infancy, pre-school and school age, adolescence and old age, healthy nutrition increases the quality of life of individuals.

Nutrition During Menopause

Menopause is the period between the ages of 48-55 when fertility is lost. Nutritional status, socio-economic status, excessive alcohol and excessive coffee drinking are among the factors affecting menopause. 

During menopause, important changes occur in the organism. Chief among these are hormonal changes. There is an increase in the hormones secreted from the pituitary gland. Ovarian function decreases due to disorders in the system that creates proper menstruation and reproductive function. As a result, estrogens, which are important hormones for women, decrease, an increase in gonadotropins occurs and important health problems are observed in women.

Psychoendocrine Changes:  These are headache, irritability, sleep disorders, depression, excessive sweating, weakness and fatigue.

Changes in the Skin  Loosening, thinning, transparent appearance of the skin, prominent veins, delayed healing of wounds and bruises occur.

Changes in the Urogenital System: In  estrogen deficiency, the vaginal epithelium also thins. It becomes suitable for the reproduction of microorganisms.

Changes in Energy Expenditure:  Due to some changes in the body (hormonal changes, etc.) during menopause, there is a decrease in energy expenditure. As a result, obesity develops.

Changes in Body Composition: As the  reason for the change in body composition; decrease in physical activity and decrease in hormone levels are shown. The decrease in estrogen level after menopause may affect food intake, physical activity level and adipose tissue distribution.

Women who have gone through menopause have a higher risk of developing diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. In the development of cardiovascular diseases, not only the estrogen hormone, but also the nutritional status of the premenopausal woman (such as high consumption of animal fats), obesity and smoking are also factors after menopause. 
Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones break easily as a result of increased calcium loss from the bones and is more common in women who have gone through menopause.

Bone formation is greater than loss in children and adolescents. After the age of 30, bone loss begins. Generally, the bone mineral density of women is lower than that of men. The rate of bone loss increases significantly at menopause. The main cause of bone loss after menopause is estrogen deficiency.

High levels of caffeine, protein and sodium increase urinary calcium excretion. Excessive consumption of phosphate-containing beverages also reduces bone density. Anticoagulants, antacid drugs, alcohol, barbiturates and smoking increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Considerations in Nutrition to Prevent Osteoporosis

  • Adequate calcium should be consumed at all ages. The best source for calcium is milk and dairy products. Apart from milk, especially green leafy vegetables, dried legumes and molasses are rich in calcium.
  • Drinking hard water with high mineral content should be preferred.
  • Vitamin D requirement must be met. Sun rays should be used properly and regularly. You should sunbathe at noon on winter days, and at mid-morning and afternoon times in summer.
  • It is important for bone and dental health that the fluoride content of drinking and utility water is at the level of 0.7-1.2 mg per liter.
  • Excessive fiber consumption should be avoided.
  • Excessive protein consumption should be avoided. Because high protein diet increases urinary calcium excretion and is an important risk factor for osteoporosis.
  • Excessive consumption of phosphorus should be avoided. Protein foods are also rich in phosphorus in general. If protein is taken at a sufficient level, excessive phosphorus intake is also prevented.
  • Adding excessive salt to food and excessive consumption of salted foods should be avoided. Excess salt increases urinary calcium excretion.
  • No smoking. Smoking decreases the conversion of 25-hydroxy vitamin D to 1-25 dihydroxy vitamin D, the active form, by increasing the blood cortisone level. Likewise, it reduces the level of vitamin C in the blood and the level of serum estrogen.
  • Regular physical activity should be done. Physical activity increases bone mass in youth and prevents bone loss in old age. At least 30 minutes of walking is required every day.
  • Alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol destroys bone formation cells and impairs calcium absorption.
  • Excessive thinness should be avoided. Body Mass index should not go below 25. Because after menopause, the body also benefits from the estrogen in the adipose tissue.
  • In particular, antacids containing aluminum and drugs containing cortisone should be avoided.
  • Excessive caffeine should not be consumed. Frequent consumption of beverages containing caffeine should be avoided.

Osteoporosis is the most important health problem seen in menopause. In addition to the nutritional recommendations above, attention should be paid to the energy and fat ratio of the diet, since the risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity is high in menopause.