Pixie Bob Cat Breed Care and Features

Pixie Bob, a new cat breed, short tailAlso called. Discovered in North America in 1985, the Pixie Bob cat breed is the result of mating domestic cats and lynxes. Very popular in the northern states of the United States, Pixie Bob cats are distinguished from other cat breeds by their short tails and distinctive appearance. Although they carry the wild cat gene and are physically similar to feral cats, they are extremely adaptable and calm cats. These cats, which are intelligent and easy to train, are very attached to their owners. Pixie Bob cats, who can go out for walks with their owners on a leash like dogs, have a social and affectionate character. It is one of the most valuable cat breeds due to its rarity in the world and therefore it is in high demand.

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Pixie Bob Cat Breed General Characteristics

  • Their homeland is North America.
  • It is a large cat breed. Males have larger sizes than females. Adult Pixie Bob cats can reach a weight of 6 to 13 kilograms.
  • They are very strong cats.
  • They are moderately active creatures.
  • They are short haired. They have thick fur.
  • Feather colors are often similar to brown tabbys.
  • They are intelligent cats and open to training.
  • They are generally quiet cats but purr to express their needs or communicate with their owners.
  • They are very curious and observant creatures, they examine every object in the house.
  • It is possible to carry them outside with a leash.
  • They love to play games.
  • They are very attached to their owners.
  • They are social cats. They get along well with people and other pets.
  • Despite their wild genes, they are rarely seen to behave aggressively.
  • Contrary to their wild appearance, they are docile and harmonious animals.
  • It is one of the healthiest cats known. It is thought that there is no hereditary disease.
  • Average lifespan is about 15 years.

Pixie Bob Cat Breed Care

Despite their physical resemblance to wild cats and carrying the predatory gene, the most distinctive features of Pixie Bobs, which are extremely docile and friendly cats, are their short tails. Pixie Bob cats, whose character traits are as unique as their appearance, get along very well with every living thing. These cats, like dogs, are very attached to their owners. Pixie Bob cats, who are very pleased with the attention and love of their owners, do not want to leave them for a moment. Thanks to their high intelligence, they are very prone to training and learn quickly. Their eagerness to learn and their intelligence allow them to be leashed like dogs. Pixie Bob cats, who can go for walks with a leash, can be with you on your travels, unlike other cats. Because they are not afraid of vehicle trips.

The only disadvantage of their intelligence to you will be that they can open doors and windows in the house. For this reason, those who want to own a Pixie Bob cat should have cat safety products at home. If you do not spend enough time and play with these cats, who try every way to get out of the house because they love to go out, they tend to run away from the house. Since they are very gamers, they want either their owner or a friend to play with.

Because of their curious nature, they like to mix things up in the house. Thanks to their thick fur, they are resistant to cold weather conditions. But these hairs should be combed at least once a week. Pixie Bob cats who take care of their own cleanliness also enjoy regular cleaning of their food and food bowls.