Points to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

Although sharing a house with a cat is an enjoyable process, actually owning a cat requires a serious responsibility. As a result, cats, like every living thing, want to have the minimum living conditions suitable for them and to be cared for. However, not all cat owners are ready to take this responsibility, and not all people are suitable for taking care of cats. Before having a cat, it is essential to provide the conditions for a healthy life and allocate enough time for it. Apart from this, it is essential to have the necessary knowledge to care for a cat. Before adopting a cat, you need to evaluate and decide whether your physical conditions and financial means are sufficient. The key is to consider whether you can take this responsibility after meeting all the conditions. 

Points to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

Why Do I Want to Adopt a Cat?

Before adopting a cat, it would be appropriate to question why you want it. If you’re buying a cat just to feel good and get a job, you’re on the wrong track. Remember, cats are living things and they have many needs. Taking responsibility for a living thing is not possible for a minor. In addition to providing cats with everything they need to survive, the psychology of the cat should also be considered. Cats are sentient beings just like us, and once they get used to you, leaving you and their home will make them unhappy. For this reason, it is a very big mistake to decide on cat care by trial and error and it will have harmful consequences for your cat. So if you don’t trust yourself and the environment you create for your cat, never own a cat.

The breed of the cat you will adopt should be suitable for your conditions

The first thing to do after deciding to adopt a cat is to determine your cat’s breed. It is not easy to feed especially breed cats. Because breed cats are more vulnerable and sensitive to diseases than tabby cats. Since each species has different needs and unique character traits, you can determine the cat that will live in harmony with you by learning about the breeds. The qualities and character structure of the cat breed you choose is more important than how cute the cat is. For example, if you want a sociable and active cat, Scottish Fold or British Shortaircats are not for you. Because these cats are calm and timid animals. If you are allergic to cat hair, you should not choose a long-haired cat, or if you are thinking of adopting a very active, playful and exercise cat, you should consider the width of your house. Choosing the wrong cat breed unfortunately results in cats being left on the street. However, it is not possible for a cat accustomed to living at home to survive on the street.

Cat Care Requires Regular Expenses

Even if owning a cat is not very expensive, it is a job that requires you to spend a certain amount on a regular basis. From the moment you get the cat for the first time, you need to get the tools it needs. At the beginning of these items is cat food. Cat food; It should be selected and used according to your cat’s age, breed and whether it is neutered. Dry cat foods should be selected from quality brands with high protein content. This means that you spend a significant amount of money at regular intervals.

One of your expenses for cat care will be cat litter . Cat litter is an essential need for your cat. You should also buy cat toilet , cat carrier bag , cat food and water containers and change these materials periodically for your cat’s health. Your cat’s vaccinations, infertility surgery and routine veterinary checkups will also require you to spend. If you can’t afford these costs, you need to think again about owning a cat.

You must provide a clean and orderly environment for your cat.

As it is known, cats are meticulous animals and spend most of their time at home. For this reason, the presence of dust in their living environment seriously endanger their health. Keeping the environment in which your cat lives clean and tidy at all times is necessary for the protection of eye health as well as preventing your cat from getting respiratory diseases. It is also important that it has a large living space where it can move easily and that it is not left alone for a long time.