Savannah Cat Traits and Care

Savannah cats, which attract attention with their wild appearance, flawlessly beautiful fur and large size , are one of the most valuable creatures in the worldAfrican Serval , a wild cat speciesIt is a new species that emerged by crossing a local African cat with a local African cat. Discovered towards the end of the 1980s, this cat breed is known to have originated many species such as the Bengal and Mau cat. In some countries, they can be fed with special permission and their production is carried out in a controlled manner. The character of Savannah cats, like their appearance, is also different from other cats. For example, these cats love to play with water and, like a dog, they are always next to their owners or in a high place where they can see them. It has extraordinary features and is considered a special breed, making it perfect for those who seek movement and joy in their home.

Savannah Cat Traits and Care

General Characteristics of the Savannah Cat

  • Their homeland is Africa.
  • It is a large cat breed. They can weigh up to 10 kilograms. Male Savannah cats are slightly larger than females.
  • They have a muscular, strong and athletic body and legs. They can easily jump and climb even to very high places.
  • They show excellent hunter characteristics.
  • Its feathers are patterned and of medium length.
  • They like to play games.
  • They are not afraid of water, they are even good swimmers.
  • They are very active and energetic creatures.
  • They are intelligent and curious cats.
  • They are extremely cautious and distant towards people and other creatures they do not know.
  • They can live with large breeds of dogs when socialized as puppies.
  • They are very attached to their owners and the people they live with.
  • They don’t like to be left alone.
  • They are talkative cats. They express their wishes by meowing and purring.
  • Their health is generally good. They are very hardy animals.
  • They can live up to 20 years at most.

Savannah Cat Care

Savannah cats, which carry wild cat genes, have a little difficulty getting used to people, but they are very loyal to their owners. Similar to their ancestors, African Servals, these cats, which can behave aloof and almost aggressive towards their owners at first, tend to get used to the place they live in in about a week. Savannah cats are loyal creatures that will not leave you until you die once you befriend them. It is not easy to care for this cat breed, which is extremely friendly to people after the acclimatization process. Taking these cats out regularly, which is eager to be in nature, is one of the main care needs. For this, you can take Savannah cats on nature walks with a cat collar . In addition, a cat scratching board must be made in the environment he lives in. must exist.

Due to their hunting instincts and wild nature, Savannah cats are not recommended for living in homes where they are fed fish, hamsters, birds or turtles. On the other hand, it would be appropriate for these cats to live with large and fast-running dog breeds that can meet the need for play. A dog that will share the same house with Savannah cats must be bought when they are both kittens and they must be accustomed to each other. He may also hurt smaller dogs to show his strength. But when they are brought up with the right education and love, they can be extremely gentle and compassionate.

Savannah cats are open to training because they are very intelligent and curious creatures. However, their stubborn nature may force you to surrender a little. Being very active and playful, their desire to climb to high places also requires a wide living environment.