Scottish Fold Features and Care

Scottish Fold cat; It was noticed by William Ross, who was a farmer in Scotland in 1961. In 1966, the Scottish fold, which differed from other cats with its unique ear structure, was recognized as a cat breed by international organizations. One of its ancestors is a British shorthair cat breed, but the other is unknown. It bears a lot of resemblance to the British shorthair except for its ears .

There is actually a drama behind the curved ears of this cute friend. His ears are curved forward due to a genetic cartilage defect. It has been discontinued due to this genetic disorder. However, it was taken to the USA and its production continued there.

In 1978, the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), with prizes awarded a  water cottish folder , won the championship after this,  the most loved and cared races  took place between.

The Scottish Fold cat breed, whose recognition has increased with this award, has also been registered by many cat organizations such as ACF, CFF, CFA.

Scottish Fold Features and Care

Scottish Fold Features and Structure

After 10 years have passed since its recognition by international organizations, the production and registration of the Scottish Fold cat breed, which was determined to be caused by infection and genetic disorder with different ear structure, was stopped. 

After this determination, it was tried to find a cure for the disease with the studies carried out. Especially in America, these studies continued uninterruptedly. Dr. With the work done by Nail Todd, 3 puppies were given to breeders and they were reproduced.

Scottish Fold Features

  • Character:  Harmonious, calm, friendly.
  • Fur Structure:  Dense, short and silky.
  • Ear Structure: Genetically inverted.
  • Size: Medium sized.
  • Tail structure: short and slender
  • Weight: 5-8kg

Does Scottish Fold Cat Shed? How to Care?

There are two different types of feather structure, scottish fold. Long hair and short hair. The shorthaired scottish fold cat is easier to care for. Due to its short hair, it is sufficient to comb it once a week. The shedding problem is minimal. The long hair scottish fold cat is relatively difficult to care for. It should be scanned 2-3 times a week.

How Is The Scottish Fold Cat With Children?

 The  household of the Scottih Folds , known to be quiet and calm and its relationship with its surroundings. O with children  are very fond of spending time and escaped from the show their love. This smart cat  breed, which can easily communicate with its environment, can be  friends with your children and play games.

Are Scottish Fold Cats Deaf? What are the Ear Structures?

Although the folded ears of Scottish Fold Cats sometimes have discharge, this is not a problem and contrary to popular belief, deafness has not been detected in Scottish Fold Cats.  

How Long Does the Scottish Fold Live?

The Scottish Fold cat breed has  an average lifespan of 12-16 years. However, it may vary depending on the way it is cared for and living conditions.

What Dry Foods Can Scottish Fold Eat?

The diet of your furry friend will vary depending on whether he has been neutered or not. You can also consult your veterinarian before choosing the most suitable dry food type for your cat.