Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Features and Care

The Selkirk Rex cat breed attracts attention with its curly hair. Even their whiskers are curly, these cats have thick fur and soft fur. These cats, which are very popular in the world, are a fairly new breed of cat. In addition to their different feather structures, they are famous for their devotion to people. Although they originated in the United States, one of their ancestors is Persian cats. Selkirk Rex cats are also related to Cornish Rex and Devon Rex cats. Persian cats have a temperament similar to their character traits. Although they are calm like Persian cats, their cheerful and playful nature makes them even more indispensable.

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Features and Care

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed General Characteristics

  • Their homeland is the United States of America.
  • It is one of the newly discovered cat breeds.
  • They are medium sized cats. Their weight varies between 4.5 kilograms and 7 kilograms according to nutrition and living standards.
  • Their hair is curly and they can be long or short haired. The rate of curly hair may be more or less. Although feather color varies, gray-white or yellow-white feathers are the most common.
  • They have a round and large head.
  • Their eyes are usually in shades of blue, green and yellow.
  • They are calm and compliant cats.
  • Although they are intelligent cats, they do not like to be trained.
  • They are social creatures. They don’t have much of an aggressive attitude.
  • They are easy to get along with dogs and other pets.
  • They form close relationships with people. Cats are attached to their owners.
  • Apart from their predisposition to heart and kidney diseases, they do not have any hereditary diseases.
  • They can live up to 15 years on average.

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Care

Selkirk cats, which form close and intimate bonds with humans, require care. These cats, which are extremely adaptable and gentle animals, are very pleased with the attention of their owners. Selkirks, which are not very suitable to be left alone, have a calm character like Persian cats and are active and playful animals like other Rex family cats. They expect you to spend time with them and play lots of games, but they don’t like being held.

Selkirk cats, whose hair structure is different from other cats, need to be brushed 3-4 times a week. Although its dense and curly hair gives it a very cute air, this fur structure is a disadvantage for Selkirk cats. They need frequent combing as their feathers can become tangled and lumpy. Brushing Selkirk cats can also benefit you. Because these cats shed a lot and are not suitable for living in the same house with cat allergies.

Selkirk cats with curly coats and thick fur are very meticulous animals. For this reason, their sand and toilets, as well as food and water containers, need to be cleaned daily. Selkirk cats, which can surprise you by defecating to other parts of the house if the sand cleaning is not done regularly, are also extremely picky animals about food. For this reason, these cats should be fed with special breed cat foods .