Siamese Cat Care and Features

The Siamese cat is a noble cat breed that was fed in divine temples in Siam, known as Thailand, and spread to the world from this region. The Siamese cat got its name from the region where it originated. Its Thai name is Wichien Maat. The increase in the awareness of the breed, which has a deep-rooted history, begins with the King of Siam gifting a cat of this breed to Owen Gould, the British Consul General, in 1884. Then, Siamese Cats were produced and distributed to the world by being taken to America and European countries.

The Siamese cat is a noble breed with its deep blue eyes, extraordinary feline intelligence and fascinating appearance. Let’s go into details about the care and characteristics of the Siamese cat. 

Siamese Cat Care and Features2

Appearance and Characteristics of the Siamese Cat

  • Character:  Intelligent, friendly, talkative and active.
  • Feather Structure:  Off-white short or medium length feather.
  • Ear Structure: Its  ears look like ordinary cat ears, only tapering towards the tip.
  • Body:  Thick, strong, agile
  • Tail:  Long and thin
  • Weight: 4.5  – 14 KG

The Siamese Cat character  is compatible with people. He establishes close relationships with his human friends with whom he shares the same house. Siamese cats; They mutter their requests. If you have decided to adopt this cute fluff ball, you can be sure that it will not sit quietly on the side.

The fur tones of the Siamese cats, which are distinguished by their distinctive fur color, may differ from each other. Long-haired or darker ones are the result of crossbreeding with different cat breeds.

Derivation studies of Siamese Cats in different colors were carried out. The resulting siamese species were given names such as Redpoint, Creampoint, Bluepoint, Lilapoint .  

The Siamese body structure is  muscular and athletic. The purebred Siamese cat consists of short brown and cream-colored hair. The front of the face, ears, legs near the feet, paws and entire tail are dark brown to almost black in color.

The eye color of the Siamese Cat is  blue and its shades. Strabismus can be inherited in Siamese cats. His nose is of average size. The head structure is wide on the head and tapers towards the chin.

Relationship of Siamese Cat with Children and Other Pets

The Siamese cat is a very strong hunter with an ancestral instinct. This feature makes him energetic and playful. He’s pretty darn close.

From the moment it is adopted, it becomes friendly with the household. He is careful not to use his nails and does not bite. These are the characteristics that make the Siamese cat recognized as noble.

The Siamese Cat is very emotional due to its character . If it is not given enough attention, it should not be owned. It is a cat that can go into depression and get angry. It also reassures families with small children.

Can Siamese Cats Be Trained?

This colorful friend, who easily learns training such as toilet training and not going to the dinner table, is not very keen on taking commands like every cat. But he reacts to his name, he does the commands he likes for game purposes because he wants it.

Siamese Cat Care

The Siamese cat is easy to care for due to its short and dense hair. It is sufficient to scan once a week. Because he is interested and emotional, he wants to be cared for and played with. While playing games, he does not use his nails, especially against the household. It will be enough to cut their nails every 2 weeks. It is important in terms of hygiene that the cat litter is preferred as it stays dry. Sand cleaning every other day will keep unwanted odors away. Proline silica cat litter traps the liquid in a few minutes with its specially developed formula. One pack goes for 1 month for an adult cat. Since it is made of natural silica sand, it is not harmful to cats.