Soke Cat Features and Care

The Soke cat breed, an African cat, originated in Kenya. This cat breed, which is known worldwide after it was brought to Europe from Kenya, was only accepted as a separate breed in 1992. In fact, the Soke cat, which was discovered by chance in Kenya many years ago, is thought to be the ancestor of all domestic cat species. Soke cats, which draw attention with their resemblance to tabby cats, are active and playful creatures like tabby. However, they are warmer than them and quickly develop attachment to their owners. Their inquisitive nature and being a complete lap cat make them indispensable. It is one of the rare breeds. It is one of the most sought-after and loved pets thanks to its easily adaptable structures and warm relationships with people. 

soke kedisi

Soke Cat General Features

  • Kenya is their homeland.
  • It is a medium sized cat breed. Their weight varies from 4 to 7 kilograms.
  • Their hair is short and they shed very little.
  • The coat colors are patterned like those of tabby cats. But there are also black, gray, brown and white ones in one color.
  • They have an athletic and muscular body.
  • Its legs are long and strong.
  • They are very curious and intelligent cats.
  • They are very playful and active. They can turn any object they see into a toy.
  • They are docile and easy to socialize creatures that do not show aggression.
  • They are very attached to their home and owners.
  • Unlike most cat breeds, they can tolerate loneliness to a certain extent.
  • They are social creatures, they also communicate with other pets and people they do not know.
  • There are no known health problems. However, as a result of the quality of being an African creature, they are not resistant to cold.
  • They have an average lifespan of 15 years.

Soke Cat Care

Soke cats are cat breeds that are easy to care for. They become very attached to their owners and can tolerate loneliness to a certain extent. The fact that they get used to the environment and people they live in and that they can easily show their love to their owners have made them indispensable pets. Soke cats, which you may have trouble adopting as they are rare in the world, are creatures that bring joy to the home they live in. Their insistence on play makes them cuter than they are.

Sokeler, which gets full marks from cat lovers for its loyalty to its owners, is also suitable for employees. Compared to other cat breeds, they are comfortable to a certain extent alone. This is a result of their player character structure. It would be appropriate to get a cat bed for these cats who know how to distract themselves by finding a toy when they are alone . In this way, your Soke cat will have created a playground for itself when you are not at home, and will not feel your absence by sleeping like it sleeps on your lap in its soft home.

Soke cats can live with large families and other pets as they are social creatures. As long as they have a comfortable hug to sleep in and a playmate. In addition to these positive features, the point to be considered about Sokeler is not to enter their field and not to anger them. Usually calm and docile, this cat breed can show an aggressive face when angry.