The 5 Largest Pet Cat Breeds in the World

Domestic cats are creatures with very small dimensions compared to their ancestors, wild cats. The average domestic cat’s height ranges from 20 to 25 centimeters, while its weight is around 5 kilograms. However, some species of these creatures, which fascinate us with their unique character structures and beauties, can be much larger than we think. There are also domestic cats on earth with body sizes that can be as high as one meter and weigh over 10 kilograms, or even more than these numbers. Moreover, these cats are not human or lab-made and are known to be much healthier and more durable than average-sized domestic cats. Large domestic cats have naturally grown to large sizes in order to adapt and survive in these conditions.

Some of these large domestic cat breeds, which can reach almost the size of wild cats, include:

The 5 Largest Pet Cat Breeds in the World

Maine Coon Cat

Named after Maine, one of the northern states of the United States, Maine Coon cats are among the largest domestic cats in the world. Maine Coon cats are very resistant to cold weather conditions thanks to their long and dense hair and they have a very strong body. The weight of this domestic cat breed, which measures 100 centimeters from head to tail, can easily exceed 12 kilograms. Their ground clearance can be 40 centimeters or even more. They adapt quickly to living in apartments and are known as extremely polite animals, in contrast to their large size. 

Siberian Forest Cat

Another big cat breed is the Siberian Forest cat. The Siberian cat also has a large body, a large head and dense, long hair to adapt to difficult living conditions. These cats, whose tails are shorter than their bodies; They weigh an average of 12 kilograms. Siberian Forest cats, which are late in development and have a long puppies, are very curious, energetic, active and noisy cats. They have become the most well-fed domestic cats in Russia because they are easy to care for. He has an adaptable and patient character.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Another species of the world’s largest domestic cats, again from a cold climate. Norwegian Forest cats, like Siberian and Maine Coon cats, are large and cold-tolerant creatures. These cats, which attract attention with their huge paws and beautiful faces, surprise with their intelligence as well as their size. Norwegian Forest cats get along very well with people and other pets, although they may look a little intimidating. The weight of this breed, which loves to be with its owners and to be in nature, can exceed 10 kilograms. 

Ragdoll Cat

One of the largest cats in the world is again an American. Ragdoll cats, a relatively new breed, are striking creatures with silky-soft fur and cute faces. These cats, which have a very docile and compassionate nature, unexpectedly for their size, are around 90 centimeters in length. Their weight reaches 9 kilos. Ragdoll cats are also very playful and love to spend time with their owners.

Savannah Cat

Savannah cats, which are related to Serval cats, a wild cat breed, can weigh over 11 kilograms. Especially hunting skills brought by their wild genes are very developed and they naturally tend to see all kinds of domesticated animals that are smaller than themselves as prey. These large cats, which can establish very warm relationships with people, are very loyal to their owners. Savannah cats, whose fur is patterned like wild cats, are very playful and brave, making their care a bit difficult.