The Perfect Cat: Burmilla Cat Traits and Care

Being a complete player, the Burmilla cat can turn any object in the house into its own toy. It is said that Burmilla cats, which appeared in 1981, were formed as a result of the combination of Persian and Burmese cats. Another view is that Burmillas came into existence as a result of breeding Burmese and Chinchilla cats.

Burmilla cats, which show very different characteristics from Chinchilla, Burmese and Persian cats, are a type of cat in their own right. These playful cats, which are large cats, are very friendly creatures. This cat breed, which usually does not make much noise, is more suitable for feeding in small and large-furnished houses. Cute animals of Asian origin are also known for their loyalty and friendliness to their owners as well as their playfulness. Burmillas, who have an extremely noble appearance, are also called “Perfect cats”. Although their wonderful physical characteristics have contributed to their being called perfect, the real reason is that Burmilla cats are not prone to any disease. 

Burmilla Cat Traits and Care

Burmilla Cat General Characteristics

  • It has its origins in Asia.
  • Although they are a different breed from the Burmese and Persian cats, which are said to be their ancestors, they show similar characteristics.
  • They can be in silver, white and ivory colors.
  • Its ears are erect. Ear tips are circular.
  • Their eyes are large and usually green in color.
  • Although his legs are thin, his bone structure is strong.
  • The front legs are shorter than the hind legs.
  • They vary in size depending on their diet. Adults reach a weight of up to 7 kilograms.
  • The fur of these cats is usually short and dense. But longhaired Burmilla cats are also available.
  • They love to play games.
  • They get along well with people and other animal species.
  • They are very friendly animals.
  • They are sensitive to the feelings of their owners. They understand how you feel.
  • It has taken the title of “perfect cat” because it is not prone to any disease.  
  • It is an intelligent breed of cat. Thanks to their intelligence, they are open to education.
  • Although they are active, they are docile animals.
  • They don’t like to be alone.

Burmilla Cat Care

The most distinctive feature of Burmilla cats is to be very playful. They are known for being mischievous as they can turn any object in the house into toys. Indeed, it is not appropriate for Burmilla cats to be left alone at home for long periods of time, as they become distracted while playing. Because when you return home, you may not find your small items in their place. If you have a Burmilla cat, be especially careful of the soil and trinkets in your pots. If you don’t want him to touch your belongings, you should buy lots of toys for Burmillas.

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Burmilla cats, which need to be kept away from breakable objects, are generally short-haired. Brushing their thick hairs once a week will suffice. Longhaired Burmilla cats need brushing at least twice a week.

Being a loyal breed, Burmillas are ready to do their best to take care of and play with them. The games he plays until he gets tired will eventually want to sleep near you or on your lap. Burmillas enjoy physical contact and are very friendly animals. They also get along very well with other animal species and children. Although cats can get along even with their arch-enemy dogs and are friendly to all living things, Burmillas want a very special bond with their owners. Their owners are very important to them and they do not want to leave their owners.