Tiffany (Chantilly) Cat Traits and Care

The Tiffany cat, also known as Chantilly, which attracts the attention of cat lovers around the world with its long soft hair and beauty, was accepted as a separate cat breed in 1969 and started to be produced. Although the exact date of the emergence of these cats is not known, their names were heard in the 1960s. It is widely believed that British-origin Tiffany cats are crossed between Burmese and Persian cats. The Chantilly cat, which is preferred for its beauty and soft-feeling hair as well as its good nature, became very popular after a short time after gaining fame. Another reason for this popularity is the degrees he received from the cat beauty contests he participated in.

chantilly cat

Tiffany (Chantilly) Cat General Characteristics

  • England is considered to be the homeland of these cats.
  • It is a medium sized cat breed. It is ideal if they weigh 4 to 6 kilograms. Females are more petite than males.
  • It is one of the rare breeds of cats.
  • Their hair is soft, dense and long.
  • The fur color is mostly dark chocolate with a blackish color. But there are also Tiffany cats with different colored fur.
  • Its head is broad and large, and its large, round eyes are usually yellow or green.
  • Although they have long hair, they shed less because of their hair structure.
  • They are smart cats.
  • Unlike other cat breeds, they are not very affected by changes in their home and living habits, they adapt quickly.
  • They insist on receiving attention and love.
  • They are affectionate and social creatures. They get along very well with people and other pets.
  • They are considered adults when they are past nine months and before they turn one year old.
  • Females can give birth to 3 to 6 cubs in one birth.
  • Apart from kidney disease and a tendency to gain weight, there is no evidence that they have a hereditary condition.
  • Although their lifespan is 15 years, this period can be extended with good care.

Tiffany (Chantilly) Cat Care

Tiffany, also known as the Chantilly cat, is known for being a complete family cat because of its character structure. The best feature of these cats is that they are very playful during playtime and very calm when necessary. Although, like any cat, she has a weakness for play, the Chantilly cat can act quite dignified and is not always active. While he is very quiet and calm during his rest hours, he is quite energetic and aggressive when you invite him to play. These cats, which do not harm household goods, can also hide in a certain place for a long time and call you for themselves.

These cats, which are generally very easy to care for, are not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to brush Tiffany cats at least three times a week, which are very suitable housemates for allergic people thanks to their low shedding. They like being brushed. Because they love to receive attention and affection. If he doesn’t take enough time, he can become depressed. In addition, the point to be considered in their care is their nutrition. You need to feed Tiffany cats with premium dry cat food  , especially after infertility surgery .