Tonkinese Cat Breed Traits and Care

The origin of Tonkinese cats, which were brought to Europe in the 19th century, is Asian, although disputed. This debate about their homeland began as a result of the Tonkinese being taken to both Europe and America. Contrary to popular belief, the Tonkinese are not in England or America; They were discovered in South Asia. 

Tonkinese cats whose coat colors change from dark brown to lighter tones as a result of natural mutation, Siamese cats and Burmese; in other words, they were obtained as a result of crossbreeding of Burmese cats. Tonkineses also have the black spot found on the faces of Siamese cats. However, most of the face of Siamese cats is covered with black hair, whereas in Tonkinese cats this staining is partial and scattered. In other words, the source of the black feathers of Tonkinese, starting from the forehead and spreading towards their noses, is their ancestors.


General Characteristics of the Tonkinese Cat Breed

  • Their homeland is South Asia.
  • They are medium sized cats. Their average weight is 6 kilograms. However, unlike other cats, there are also much heavier Tonkinese cats because they have more muscle weight.
  • When they first appeared, their feather colors were dark brown tones, but as a result of the mutation they underwent, this color showed a tendency towards beige and cream colors.
  • They are very energetic cats.
  • They need a lot of exercise in large areas.
  • They are animals that love their freedom.
  • Playful cats.
  • They are intelligent and prone to learning.
  • They quickly adapt to their environment.
  • They are chatty and noisy cats. For this reason, they have a tendency to meow and make noise all the time.
  • They form strong bonds with the people they live with.
  • They are social creatures. They get along well with people and other pets.
  • They are prone to asthma and heart ailments. Gum disorders and tooth loss are also common in Tonkineses.
  • They have a lifespan of up to 14 years.

Tonkinese Cat Breed Care

Tonkinese cats are friendly cats that demand intense attention from their owners. They form very strong bonds with their owners and tend not to compromise their freedom as much as they are fond of the people they live with. If you want to own a Tonkinese, you should get used to sleeping on your lap at all times and be able to respond to the desire to constantly have physical contact with you by getting on top of you. Play is as important as attention in the care of Tonkinese. It will make him very happy if you spend special time playing games with him. Because they are a very energetic and playful cat breed, you also need to provide Tonkinese with ample spaces where they can release their energies. If you think that you will not be enough to meet his game needs, you can also get him a friend. These cats are very affectionate and social creatures. These features

Since Tonkinese cats are prone to asthma, the cleanliness of the environment they live in is of great importance. Dust should be kept to a minimum in homes that will house Tonkineses. In addition, due to their tendency to heart diseases and their tendency to gain weight, care should be taken in the nutrition of these cats. For this, it is recommended to feed Tonkinese cats with grain-free cat food . We recommend that you do not interrupt your cat’s dental care so that tooth and gum diseases do not result in tooth loss.