Ways to Lose Weight for Obese (Overweight) Cats

Exceeding the ideal weight and obesity in cats are very common, especially after infertility surgery. Being overweight and continuing to gain weight will eventually lead to obesity. For this reason, if your cat is overweight for its breed, gender and age, you should take immediate action. Obesity is a disease and needs to be treated. Putting cats on a diet in order to eliminate this unhealthy situation is an issue that you will have a very difficult time. The method that supports the diet is to increase exercise. But cats, which are delightful animals, love to sleep and rest. Once they turn this into a common habit during the day, it won’t be easy to get them moving. But there are some methods that can make your job easier.

Ways to Lose Weight for Obese Overweight Cats

Causes of Weight and Obesity Problems in Cats

Unfortunately, the problem of obesity and overweight in domestic cats can be seen in one out of every four cats. This ratio gives an idea about the high number of cats with weight problems. Being outside of the ideal weight can be considered as a result of the wrong practices of the cat owners. Excess weight is explained by the fact that the amount of calories consumed is greater than the amount of calories burned. So, like humans, cats gain weight when they reduce exercise and increase eating. But we, as thinking and conscious creatures, can control our weight. Cats, on the other hand, cannot instinctively give up their eating habits to survive, and it’s up to the cat owners to control their weight. Your cat tends to gain weight after infertility surgery and its mobility decreases with increasing age. This can lead to obesity, which progresses day by day. Obesity is a serious condition that causes visceral fat, especially liver, vascular occlusion, diabetes, heart diseases and joint problems.

Precautions to be Taken Against Excess Weight and Obesity in Cats

If your cat’s weight is above the ideal weight and you want to lose weight, the healthiest way is to put your cat on a diet and increase its exercises. However, cats may push you harder than you expect during this process and they may resist weight loss. Be determined and do not succumb to the emotional exploitation of your cat. If you fail to make your cat lose weight, remember that she will have a shorter and more disease-ridden lifespan. It will be easier to keep your cat’s weight under control rather than resorting to painful surgical methods as a last resort.

Control Your Cat’s Food Amount and Choose the Right Food for Her

Decreased food will create anxiety and stress in cats. Therefore, it would be healthier to spread the diet over time. First of all, if your cat has more than one food bowl, intervene immediately. Bring your cat’s food bowls down to one and let him eat from only one place. Your next step should be to monitor your cat’s eating habits. Review how many times you feed your cat wet food and different foods in a day and the rate of food it consumes. Stop giving him food other than formula. Wet foods are generally not nutritious and make cats gain weight. But thanks to wet food, cats do not have constipation problems. So it is not appropriate to cut out wet food completely. Therefore, try to introduce wet food gradually once a week.

If your preference for dry food for overweight cats is diet cat food . With these foods, your cat will feel less hungry and will stay full for a long time. However, it would be better to mix the two foods and feed them to your cat in the first place, as they will not find the flavor of oily foods in these foods. You can gradually reduce the other food and fill the food bowl completely with light foods. In addition, reducing the amount of food every day in a way that your cat will not feel will help him gain new eating habits.

Increase Your Cat’s Exercises

Cats spend most of the day sleeping. A sleepy cat may even resist food, but it is not uncommon for him to refuse play. By using the game advantage, you can buy new toys that will help your cat spend energy and invite him to the game every hour he is awake. You can especially set up games for him to run and jump. By reducing sleep hours, allowing your cat to exercise more will also support weight loss in this process.