Ways to Protect Cats from Domestic Accidents

You know that cats are very curious creatures. This curiosity can often create a job for cats, but it can also expose them to accidents with dangerous consequences. It is up to us as cat owners to prevent these accidents and ensure the safety of our lovely housemate. Although cats are cautious and timid creatures that can adapt quickly to home life, they may need protection even at home due to their active nature, hunting instincts and character structures that do not hesitate to make mischief. For this, there are some precautions that cat owners must take. While applying these measures, the materials that cat owners need most are cat safety products .

Ways to Protect Cats from Domestic Accidents

Secure Glass and Balconies

Domestic cats are animals with hunting instincts of their wild ancestors. For this reason, it is inevitable that they perceive flying animals such as birds and insects as prey and pursue their targets. Since this hunting activity takes place around open windows and balconies, wires should be attached to places where cats are likely to fall and all necessary precautions should be taken.

Since house cats are deprived of the outside world, they want to wonder and see what’s going on outside. In other words, they will turn to windows and balconies not only for the purpose of hunting flying creatures, but also because they may feel like a prisoner at home. Almost every house cat has fallen from balconies and windows at least once, succumbing to their curiosity. In addition, open doors pose a danger to the safety of cats. To prevent loss and accidents, windows and balcony doors should be kept closed, and when the house door is opened, care should be taken to ensure that the cat does not come out.

Hide the Cables

Cables are one of the most important materials that threaten the safety of cats in the home. Especially kittens see cables as toys and are unaware that they are dangerous. Mostly for cats in teething period, electric cables are very suitable products for biting and teething. However, this can result in an electric shock. In order to prevent these and similar accidents, you can use devices that hide the electrical cables, run the cables from a height that cats cannot reach, or fix them to the skirting boards.

Eliminate Small Items

Cats are very playful creatures and tend to play with anything that catches their attention. Cats, who are very talented in turning the items they find in the house into toys, attract the attention of the most noisy and bright objects. The most dangerous of these shiny objects are the items that they can move easily such as medicine tablets, needles and beads. You should put small objects out of reach of cats, as swallowing these items can be fatal to cats.

Get Cat Toys

If your cat has enough toys, he will play with them and his interest in objects such as vases, glasses, bottle caps will decrease. If you do not spend a certain amount of time with your cat every day and do not play with him, he will start to throw some objects on the ground to get your attention. Smashed objects such as glass and porcelain can cause cats to cut their paws. Spending time with your cat by buying enough cat toys will prevent possible accidents.

Beware of Houseplants

If you have a cat at home, it is very difficult to grow plants. Because after cleaning themselves, cats try to get rid of the hair they have accumulated in their stomach by eating plants. In other words, the flowers and plants you bring to your home can be eaten by your cat. Some plants poison cats. Cactus-derived flowers can cause injury to your cat. If you want to grow plants, choose plants that will not harm your cat and get valerian for your cat  .