What Do Cat Whiskers Do?

Cats are special creatures in every way . Cats, which attract attention with their interesting movements and unique character structures, have many striking features. One of the physical qualities of cats that surprises people is their whiskers. Whiskers are a must in every female and male cat. Although it may seem like hard hair that makes cats look cute and cool, whiskers have important functions for cats. Mustaches that are not just on their faces; It is like an organ that ensures the continuation of their lives with vital abilities such as finding direction, perceiving the environment , protecting oneself .

Can You Trim Cat Whiskers?

Cat whiskers are made of keratin, and the whiskers have sensitive nerve endings at their roots. The whiskers, which communicate with the brain thanks to these nerve endings, are prominently found on the cheeks of cats. When you look at your cat, it is possible to see 6 to 12 whiskers on each cheek, but the whiskers are not only in the face area. Moustache; Cats also have it on their eyes, ears, jaws and even feet . The mustaches on the lip extend to both sides and are hard hairs of the same length, each of which is symmetrically positioned to each other. Whiskers, which are often broken and shed in kittens due to their hardness, shed and grow again in adult cats over time. The mustache, which should never be trimmed except for natural shedding, has many important functions for cats.

What Do Cat Whiskers Do

Cat’s Whiskers Are Necessary For Both Self-Defense and Attacking

Thanks to the nerves in the roots of their whiskers, cats sense vibrations and can thus protect themselves from the slightest danger. The presence of sensitive radar-like whiskers, which enable the cat to receive signals for defense and especially for escape, also makes cats excellent hunters. Because our cute friends can feel even the slightest movement with their mustaches.

They Perceive Surroundings Thanks to Their Whiskers

Cats, who measure the size of the areas they will enter with their whiskers, sense the width of the areas they have eyed and understand whether they can fit into those areas thanks to the whiskers they use like a ruler.

Mustaches Function Like Third Eyes

One of the functions of whiskers is related to the nearsightedness of cats. Cats, who are not very good at seeing objects and creatures at close range, come to the aid of their whiskers, and by listening to their whiskers, they measure the size and distance of everything nearby by using their whiskers.

Whiskers Help with Night Vision

Although cats can see better in the dark compared to humans, it is not easy for them to perceive the environment in the absence of light. In addition to their superior night vision, whiskers also play a role in the ability of cats to walk comfortably at night without hitting any objects. Thanks to the sensitive perception in their whiskers, cats can detect the location of objects and objects and can be active at night without the need for light.

Mustaches Reflect Mood

Whiskers indicate what psychological state the cats are in. If your cat’s whiskers point forward, this indicates that your cat is locked on the target. In this case, your cat is about to leap forward or attack. Mustaches leaning back are a sign of tension. If your cat is pulling back his whiskers and sticking them in his face, he’s scared or angry. If the whiskers are in their usual position, it indicates that your cat is comfortable and peaceful.