What Should You Consider When Choosing a Cat Toy?

cat toy is very important for the health and happiness of your lovely friend. The toy you choose will help your furry friend both for education and for stress relief.

Anyone who has a cat in their home knows that cats are very curious. For this reason, your preference should be for a colorful and active toy. Objects that make noise can sometimes be frightening for your little friend. If you are going to choose an entertainment tool that makes a sound, you must first observe your friend’s reaction well. You should avoid situations that will stress him out.


Both Game and Exercise

For the toy you will buy, you must first determine the need. If your cat needs exercise, you should choose accordingly. An overweight cat needs lots of movement to lose weight. You should research the toys you buy with this intention. Especially toys with tail-like extensions that will reveal his hunting instincts will be useful for you. Simple toys such as moving balls and furry fishing rods are ideal toys to increase your cute friend’s movements.

Cats spend most of their time sleeping during the day. When he is hungry, he goes straight to the food and water bowl, eats his food and retreats to rest again. Your little friend at home cannot do the activities of jumping into garbage containers and wandering in the streets to find food like their relatives on the street. Because of this, sooner or later, the problem of weight arises. If he has been neutered, he will definitely have a weight problem. Toys will give him the movement he needs.

Your cat will try to buy a tunnel toy that you will make for your cat. During this time, many muscles work. A similar situation occurs with feathered fishing rods. Your cat expends a lot of effort while jumping and running left and right.

You should make sure that the toy you buy is suitable for the age of your little friend. When cats reach adulthood, both their jaw muscles and claws become quite strong. He may break the toys he played with as a baby in adulthood. A small piece of this toy that he smashed can go into his throat and cause your furry friend to become ill or even die. For this reason , toys that can be considered unstable for cats, such as plush toys especially produced for children , should not be thrown in front of cats.