Why Do Cats Rub?

Cats are more complex and unpredictable creatures compared to other animals. It is a little difficult to get used to some movements and sudden behavior changes of cats. They may suddenly scratch, hiss or, on the contrary, lick you. Cats with many different behaviors also surprise their owners with a rubbing action.

Cat owners have observed that their cats often rub against themselves. From time to time, your cat draws circles around you by approaching you with its tail in an upright position and rubbing its head, cheeks and whole body against you. It doesn’t cut off contact with you as long as they turn around, and it wraps its tail around you. When you reciprocate, he raises his head towards your hand and makes it easier for you to touch him, with his eyes squinted waiting for you to love him even more. During these movements, it usually purrs and vibrates.

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Although it is not as if they are rubbing against you, you will see cats do this movement on the edges of things or various objects from time to time. For cats, rubbing can also be perceived as an act of touching, a show of affection, a scent release behavior, and a thank you. You  can give a gift to the cats who thank you with cat prizes . 

Cats Share Their Smells By Rubbing

Cats have scent glands on their cheeks and head. Thanks to these scent glands, when they show an instinctive behavior and rub against things and people, they leave their scent on that surface. On the other hand, the smell of this item and creature permeates cats. Cats with very sharp noses feel safe when they smell familiar scents.

Feeling their own scent on the things relaxes them and enables them to adopt the environment they live in. At the same time, they give their owners a gift by leaving their scent. So if one reason your cat rubs against you is to show that it adopts you by leaving its own scent on you, another reason is to give you a gift. It also means that your cat sees you as part of the family and adopts you. Therefore, responding to his friction will make him very happy and strengthen the bond between you.

For Cats, Rubbing Is a Show of Affection

Cats don’t rub against anything they don’t like, because rubbing is a show of affection. This close contact can be short-term or very long. When your cat meets you at home, he greets you with a small contact and shows you his interest. Because if he insists on friction and repeats this movement for a long time, he shows his love intensely and expects love from you. There are even times when cats want to rub not only on your legs and arms, but also on your face. This situation can be interpreted as the most intense state of the cats’ show of affection.

Rubbing Also Means Thank You

Your cat may also rub against you when they want to play with you or are hungry. So rubbing is not just a show of affection or the need to release a scent, it also expresses your cat’s gratitude to you. He may be asking you to feed him, especially if he is meowing and rubbing against you, and he may be gratefully thanking you for it. Rubbing you after the game and after eating is also a sign of gratitude.