Why Do Cats Scratch?

Scratching behavior is one of the main problems that cat owners experience with their cats. Cats often scratch not only the people they live with but also the things in the house. While scratching is a very natural and instinctive behavior for cats, it is an annoying situation for cat owners, which causes them to damage people and things. In fact, many cat lovers do not want to adopt a cat because of scratching. But this usual action can be solved in a simpler way than might be thought, and the cat’s scratching can be minimized if not stopped. It is useful to know why they do this before moving on to ways to solve the scratching behavior of cats.


Causes of Cat Scratching Behavior

Cats scratch by nature. Claws that enable scratching are used by cats during hunting. In addition, the nail is the only tool that allows cats to climb to high places, as well as a means of self-defense. Keeping this functional and precious limb sharp is one of the most important tasks of cats, and cats want to have their most important weapon ready to be used at any time through scratching. Filing and sharpening the ever-growing nails of cats can only be achieved by scratching. In other words, the main reason for the scratching behavior in cats is to use the nails as a tool for defense.

The purpose of your cat’s scratching, especially on household items, is the desire to determine the area. Because cats have receptors on their paws that allow them to spread their scent, and the smell of the cat can only stay on the items by scratching. Especially cats that live with another cat scratch things to show their boundaries and superiority so that the other cat cannot approach the designated area. This is also an indication that the cat is ready for battle. Because domestic cats are not social creatures and they only see the other cat as a rival by attaching to their owners. The reason why your cat is constantly scratching you or things aggressively may be due to stress, or it may indicate a serious behavioral disorder.

How to Prevent Cat Scratching?

In addition to being very intelligent animals, cats are also sensitive to human emotions. In other words, they are aware of your reactions as well as understanding what you don’t like and what you want. But since cats are not very willing to be trained, they will ignore your requests. Therefore, it can be a little difficult with training for your cat to give up an instinctive behavior such as scratching. That’s why it’s important to create a habit instead of giving your cat a command and waiting for it to obey. Cat scratching boards to buy for your cat as a kitten It greatly prevents scratching of objects. If you introduce your cat to scratching apparatus and toys at a young age, he will not need anything else. Another way to prevent scratching behavior in cats is to trim their nails regularly. When your cat’s nails are short, they scratch less.

It is inevitable to eliminate the stress factor, which is another cause of scratching in cats. Creating an environment where the cat feels safe and knows she is loved will relax her and will minimize the scratching behavior observed when she is on the defensive. Most importantly, taking time to play with your cat and giving it the necessary attention will allow your cat to be more peaceful and stress-free. This will be enough to reduce the scratching behavior in your cat.