Why Do Cats Vomit?

Cat owners know how enjoyable it is to live with a cat. Cats are both very cute and very different animals with their unique characters, acting and communication with people. They also have a type of behavior not uncommon in other animals; to vomit! They often show vomiting reflex and scare their owners. In fact, vomiting behavior is not always dangerous. Vomiting can indicate a disease in cats, or it can be a very necessary action for him. To understand whether this is normal or not, it is necessary to focus on the causes of vomiting.

Why Do Cats Vomit

Conditions That May Cause Cats to Vomit

  • Swallowing their own hair after cleaning,
  • They have swallowed a foreign substance,
  • food change,
  • Eating a food they are allergic to
  • The history of the foods they eat,
  • Presence of parasites in the intestines
  • Presence of bacteria in their stomach
  • Kidney and liver failure,
  • Inflammation of the gallbladder,
  • Nausea after infertility surgery and other narcosis surgeries,
  • Poisoning,
  • drug side effect,
  • Pancreatic disorders.
  • Ulcer.
  • A tumor in any organ.

It should not exceed 48 hours for you to try to determine the reason why your cat is vomiting by observing it . If your cat, whose vomiting frequency and behavior you have observed for 2 days, continues to vomit, it means that there is a very serious health problem and you should consult a veterinarian immediately. If your cat does not have a serious problem, the reason for vomiting may be due to more harmless and temporary situations.

Vomiting due to feather ingestion

Cats vomit the most because they swallow feathers. This is a condition that usually continues periodically. Since they clean themselves with their tongues every day, their feathers get into his stomach and after a while it starts to bother him. This discomfort can only be relieved by vomiting. You should brush your cat regularly to minimize hair ingestion. By brushing her and removing her dead hair, you will both benefit her skin health and reduce her vomiting.

Vomiting due to spoiled or touched food

If the reason cats vomit is not due to hair ingestion, the first thing that comes to mind should be that they ate something bad or that something they ate touched them. Cats are generally picky about food and will not eat outdated food. But they may not be able to stop themselves when they are hungry for a long time or when they see a food they find delicious. Although they are very hardy animals, expired food and your cat’s specific allergy to any food can be one of the causes of his vomiting.

Vomiting due to plants and herbs

Cat owners who have plants in their homes have observed that cats sometimes eat these plants. Eating plants can sometimes appear as a way for cats to make themselves vomit on purpose. In other words, they need to eat plants not only because they are curious, but especially to vomit. This allows him to throw the hairs he swallowed while lying down from his body. However, some of the herbs can poison your cats. For this reason, it would be better to buy cat grass and keep your cat away from your plants.

Vomiting Due to Fast Food Eating

Especially since kittens do not know that they can reach the food constantly and that they will not be hungry, they want to finish all the food given without anyone taking them away. Because they consume more of their stomach capacity very quickly, the vomiting reflex can be seen in cats. This situation can last until they feel safe and believe that they will not go hungry, especially in cats that have been taken off the street and have been hungry for a very long time.

Vomiting due to a food change

Although cats are very resistant to diseases and all kinds of blows, their eyes and stomachs are very sensitive. When you change food, they may vomit because their stomach is not used to this new food. If you are going to change your cat’s food, you can get your cat’s stomach used to the new food by mixing the old food with the new food. Changing food suddenly can upset her stomach. Especially if you do the wet food change slowly by spreading it over time, it will be a healthier transition for your cat and your cat will not vomit.