Why Do Cats Want to Sleep With Their Owners?

Cats want to sleep with their owners from the first day they come home. Even if you buy cat houses, cat cushions, and special cat beds for them, while you sleep on these products during the day, when you go to bed to sleep, they will definitely go to bed and fall asleep before you by taking shape according to your sleeping position.

Some cats sleep in the duvet, some on your lap or on your head, and some sleep between the toe of your feet and the folds you create in the bed. Even if they just woke up, why do cats want to sleep with you when they realize that you are getting ready for bed? Research on this subject has revealed that there is more than one answer to the question.  

Why Do Cats Want to Sleep With Their Owners

Cats Feel Safe Sleeping With Humans

Like all living things, cats instinctively know that they are vulnerable while they sleep. Cats that feel safe from danger by being snuggled with their mothers when they are puppies and sleep, continue this habit when they grow up if they live with a human. Therefore, they adopt and trust their owners like their mothers. Sleeping on your belongings during the daytime when you are awake or not at home is because they want to know that they are safe by smelling your scent. In other words, your cat wants to sleep with you at night primarily because it feels safe and thinks that it is protected from dangers. However, the opposite is also true. Your cat knows that you are also vulnerable when you sleep, and by sleeping next to you, it protects you against dangers.

Human Body Heat Attracts Cats

Cats do not like the cold, they like warm places and objects that radiate heat. The heater, fireplace, stove and heater cores are ideal beds for cats. Your cat, which you can observe to sleep comfortably in any place that receives sunlight, chooses you as a heat source at night and takes advantage of the warmth of the human body to warm up naturally. This is why people sleep close to their warmest parts, such as their joints, abdomen, head and feet.

Cats Show Their Love By Touching You

Cats physically stay away from creatures they don’t like. They show affection to their loved ones by snuggling and rubbing against them. They like to sleep with the people they love because they can contact them as much as they want while they sleep next to their owners. Co-sleeping is a show of affection for cats. Cats who try to strengthen their bond with you by sleeping with you prove their loyalty by showing you their most vulnerable.

It is also typical for cats to sleep with you knowing that you are sick or stressed. By determining where your diseased organ is, they take it upon themselves to lie on that area and heat it. For example, if you have a stomach problem, they will lie on or near your stomach and try to heal you. Or if you have a headache, they can position themselves on the upper part of your torso and lie down. When you are stressed and unhappy, they settle near your feet or face and try to take away your bad energy.